What an evening last night!

Last night, I took a drive to a pound and picked up 5 puppies, one who looks to be husky mixed, tan colored and super cute and the 4 other siblings are quite small, under a pound now and very young. They look to be Keeshond mixed, hard to say as they are so small. Two of them were quite emaciated, dehydrated and their temperature was really low, one pup’s temperature wouldn’t even register so we knew it probably wouldn’t last the hour! I syringe fed her with high quality vet supplement food and warm water to see if I could bring her back with lots of warmth, warm IV fluids, etc… The other was at 33.3 which is low, normal temperature for dogs is 38.5! But she was eating, drinking warm water and her temperature was coming up so it was a good sign. I set both of them up with heaters and warmth, warm fluids, watered down developmental veterinary food with vitamins. All night, I kept checking in on them and surely enough, we lost the little sick one approx 1 hours after picking her up. But, her siblings are doing well and were up and running around this morning. I already called the vet last night to book them in for a check-up tonight, and hopefully shots for the bigger husky one – think the others are under 6 weeks so probably can’t administer shots yet! Anyways, it was stressful but hopefully they will all be fine! I’ll keep you updated!

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