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We are foster based

In order to meet our foster dogs, we need to set it up with our foster families

Please contact us to set up an appointment with your dog of choice

For donation drop offs or to mail us, we are located at:

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Navan, Ontario

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43 Responses to Contact NARC

  1. mmayer3 says:

    We do not take in cats but you can find many cat rescues in Ottawa at Thank you.

  2. mmayer3 says:

    No border collies yet but if you submit your application, when one comes in, we will contact your. Thank you.

  3. Marcel Millaire says:

    Hi my name is Marcel Millaire
    I am locking for A border collie mix 5 to 7 years of age. for Buddy 10 years old male , who has just lost his partner to cancer.
    Thank you for your time. Marcel

  4. LAURA BURNETT says:

    I need a place for a cat do you have room.

  5. mmayer3 says:

    Yes we do, useful when we have litters and they make great beds in foster homes.

  6. Ron Gagne says:

    a few years ago, I dropped off used pillows. Do you still take them?

  7. mmayer3 says:

    Yes, we accept any “garage sale” items to raise funds for our fur-babies. All of our dogs are in foster homes but we always need new fosters for new arrivals (usually scheduled due to needing foster homes!). Thank you.

  8. Rosey Pratt says:

    I didn’t know you existed until a man stopped by for donations–happy to know another animal rescue centre is available–such important work! I am interested in making a donation of some household items for your sale (I’m guessing all garage sale type items are accepted), as well as possibly fostering a dog. I sent an email to your adoptions email as well. When can I come take a look?
    Thank you!

  9. mmayer3 says:

    Our volunteer, Ted, will have our business cards, flyers, T-Shirt and all the details pertaining to NARC. Please ensure that people coming to your door do have our cards on hand – we only have one solicitor named Ted at the moment who is helping with fund-raising for our major surgeries. Thank you.

  10. Anonymous says:

    There’s an older gentleman in a yellow jacket soliciting for $ on NARC’s behalf? Is he legit?

  11. Margarett Gillis says:

    Hello , I am interested in meeting Max

  12. NATHALIE says:

    Hi, i would like to be a volunteer on Saturday and Sunday. During the winter i’ll be more available. Starting middle of November will be perfect with me.
    Thanks and best of luck to all!!

  13. mmayer3 says:

    We are opened saturday and sunday between 1pm and 3pm, unfortunately Buglsey is not at the rescue so we would need to set up a meeting with our foster home. Thank you.

  14. eva mohan says:

    Hi there,
    I am interested in coming out to see Nico and Bugsley, and their interaction with my dog Ella. I was wondering if you could let me know when would be a good time to visit?

  15. Jen says:

    I was just wondering if Raphael was still available. He was on the site this morning but not this afternoon. Also, is there a picture of Flip?

  16. danielle says:


    I have a rabbit cage and some dog collars and toys I could drop off in the near future. Are you ok with that? Between 1-3 on Saturday and Sunday?

  17. Martine says:

    I was wondering, if you only take in dogs, or if you take in cat. Found her a little while back. My girl wanted to keep her, we gave it a try but we already have 2 cats, a dog and a hamster and we are in an apartment. She’s about 1 yr and half, no chip, no collar, not fixed. My girl calls her cutie pie. She’s blue grey, short hair, very shy, keeps to herself. My girl has a hard time catching her but once you have her in your arms she purrs away. Would need some TLC to bring her out of her shell.

  18. fallon says:

    hello are there any of the golden retriever puppies available from your post january 18th ???

  19. Matt says:

    Hi Im interested in adopting one of your dogs, Chelsea. I was wondering if I could setup an appointment to see her?

  20. Caley says:

    Hello ! I am wondering if Sheena has found a forever home yet? If not, would it be possible to come meet her today between 1-3 ? Thank you for your time – Caley & Lee

  21. mmayer3 says:

    Yes we are always opened sat and sun between 1pm and 3pm – drop on by!

  22. mec says:

    Will there be someone at the shelter between 1-3, November 4/12 – I’d like to come out to see a couple of the dogs.

  23. Pam says:

    An update on Prinston!
    I got Prinston in early September and am in love. He was just getting over some tummy issues when I got him and has had no real problems since. If he has to choose between his bed, the couch with me, or the floor, he will most often choose the floor which I think is kind of funny. Everyone thinks he is adorable which is true. He’s sweet and smart and I’m so happy to have him. Everyone at NARC was so helpful during the process and were so excited for Prinston! One of the volunteers as she was saying goodbye whispered to him “you’re going to have a home!” and it made me cry. Prinston had been adopted before and unfortunately was returned so when I left the volunteers lovingly said “just don’t bring him back.” and after almost two months together Prinston is the perfect dog for me and I would never think of bringing him back (except to visit!)
    Love Pam and Prinston 🙂

  24. mmayer3 says:

    They are saying they didn’t receive our 2011 taxes and have revoked our charitable status, we are working on getting it back and hope to get it very soon!

  25. Anne Adamson says:

    Hi Michelle me and my Familly adopted zhen. Just an update she’s settling in very well. She loves to follow me around everywhere and laydown by my side she doesn’t care much for the kids which are 5-3-8 mts but they don’t fuss too much over her either. We think she was previously owned by older people probably lived in an appartement. She listen very well and only barks at other dogs. So she is very quiet, she sleeps downstairs at night on the chair that she likes and doesn’t make a sound when my husband comes home from work at 3am. We did not by a crate and probably won’t. Thank you and Tyler your volunteer if it wasnt for him showing zhen to us we would probably still be looking for a dog. Your volunteers are awesome keeping things clean and walking the dogs all the dogs look well taking care of with plenty of food and water. I will recomend your rescue centre to anyone looking for a dog. Thank you again Anne

  26. John says:

    When I looked on Revenue Canada’s website to confirm your charitable status it shows your Charitable Status has been revoked. What is going on?

  27. I am still interested in Maya, is she available yet. She is so beautiful and cute.

  28. Sue Stoltz says:

    Hi Michelle

    We adopted Boomerang (female Black lab+? Boxer ) on Valentines weekend. A bit thin, and very ‘dandruffy’ but beautiful and sweet.

    Now she has grown from 15 lbs to 60 lbs at 11 months. She gets compliments all the time on how shiny her coat is (and her white teeth thanks to loving carrots). She is a natural born swimmer and loves being in the river or lake.

    The kids love having a dog full of joy and bouncy puppy energy. She is the first ‘rescue’ dog I’ve ever had and I tell everyone she came from your wonderful shelter. We look forward to celebrating her first birthday at Thanksgiving together. Very appropriate. As my five year old son says often, ‘Yes Boomer, we love you.’

    Boomerang says ‘hi’ and thanks for saving me! Kisses.
    * Happy to send a picture for your home site.

  29. Amanda says:

    Are you there on Labour day (2012)

    I saw Kinkaid, and was hoping to meet him.

  30. mmayer3 says:

    Yes, come and meet him, we will be here between 1pm and 3pm this weekend. Thanks.

  31. Guizmo? says:

    Hi Michelle,

    I met you, Wilma and Monty at the pet store in Orleans on Aug 18th, and was asking you then about Guizmo. Is it possible to meet him, if he’s still available and the other dogs on Sunday Sept. 2 during your 1-3 pm hours?


  32. Peggy says:


    I am wondering if Bayou or is still available? And what is the process for adoption?

    Thank you!

  33. Stefania says:

    I would like some information on Dixy. Can someone please get back to me?
    Thank you

  34. Cath Cross-Bell says:

    Greetings, my daughter and I will be by tomorrow at 1:00 pm to give Doogie, the big love, a new home.

  35. mmayer3 says:

    You would have to contact the boarder for that, we have never placed in the states so wouldn’t know!

  36. Lynne says:

    Are you open this weekend July 28th and 29th for visits?


  37. amanda says:

    I was wondering if you still had Leo a called a few minutes ago left a messgae. I also was wondering how it work on adopting a dog and living in the states.

  38. mmayer3 says:

    Yup, see you then!

  39. Cathy says:

    Hi Michelle, I was wondering if you are still good for tomorrow around 4pm?


  40. Cathy says:

    Hi Michelle,
    A few months ago I was speaking to you regarding one of your adoptees. I found you very nice and have since kept your organization in mind if ever I thought of and/or came accross a great way to help you raise funds for our much needed furry friends. Well, I am very pleased to say that I have found an awesome fund raising idea.
    I would like to visit your rescue sometime soon and meet you so we can put a face to the voice and if you are available that day, and if you have time, I would very much like to show you my idea.
    Please email me and let me know when would be a good time.


  41. mmayer3 says:

    We are still trying to get those out of each page and into only a few pages but I am still learning and haven’t figured it out – yet! I will and hopefully get it resolved soon. Thanks for the input!

  42. Yves says:

    Congratulation on the new site look! You’ve done a very good job.

    I also would like to bring your attention to a small detail on your site that needs fixing. In both the Available page and the Available Soon page when you place the curser on the picture of the pet in the bottom row the bio ends up being cut of by the Leave a Reply section, and therefore, you can’t read the bio of the dog.

    Again congratulation for a greatly improved site.

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