2 hours at the vet’s tonight

Yep, brought the 4 puppies and Finnigan at the vet’s for their shots and check-ups. One of the puppies is still not doing so well, he is eating and drinking but seems a bit weak so I decided to rush to the vet’s for antibiotics, check-up and to ensure we are doing the most we can to save his life. While there, brought the others for check-ups and shots too – better safe than sorry! He is feeling a bit better now, let’s cross our fingers that he pulls through. Such a small little guy, eye infection, skin infection, scabs on his head, was dehydrated and so skinny although with good feedings he has already gained and still eating his developmental formula with vitamins and fluids in it. Tonight, he is in a little doggy bed by himself with his own heater to keep him warm lol. His temperature went up from 33 yesterday to 38 tonight wich is normal so a very good sign! He had his first good solid poop, which is another very good sign – no parvo we hope! They all got their shots, I’ve also named them and this weekend the photographer is coming to take pictures so you will see their beautiful faces very soon! The other two boys are strong and seem quite healthy compared to their siblings. Tonight is the test, will their tiny little bodies accept their DA2PP boosters? I will be checking up on them regularly to ensure they don’t have a reaction but assuming the antibiotics I gave them will certainly help with that! Send your best wishes to the little ones.

Finnigan has had his rabies and DA2PP tonight so will be posted next week for adoption, he is a poodle mixed and very good doggy! Cheers all, talk with you tomorrow with other updates!

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