Benny, 2-3 year old Maltese? Follows me everywhere, loves to give kisses and licking your hands. Such a lovely little dog! Fully vetted, neutered, blood work done for heartworm & lyme negative , DAPP-L, Rabies and an ultrasound booked this weekend – not a necessity but an extra item for our clients. In this picture he doesn’t know that I am preparing him for a bath hahaha, so good in his baths, doesn’t move and enjoys the soaping and scratching everywhere. Was afraid of the grooming tool but we took a less noisy one and he just sat there licking my hand. Bad groom but hey, not my specialty lol

Dumbo – 7-8 month old Belgian Shepherd possibly mixed? All legs and so funny! Wants to be by your side all the time, a big suck! Now neutered, Rabies, DAPP-L, dewormed, multi-advantage and ready for adoption. Definitely looking for a home that wants a dog who will follow them everywhere and be by their sides, such a cuddle bug!

Rosita – 2 year old Female chihuahua who is looking for her loving home. She was afraid of people at first but now loves everyone she meets. Although sometimes shy for a minute, she now greets everyone with kisses. In our home, she is full of spunk and loves being on our lap!. Rosita is also learning being carried around or lifted, she makes me laugh when we pick her up as she opens her mouth as if she is shocked hahaha. Spayed, Rabies, DAPP-L, blood work done & negative for heartworm, dewormed, etc…. She is very docile and quiet, may try to hide in a corner the first day but she will come around. From the streets of Mexico! Very lovely caring dog who will jump on you and follow you everywhere! All our pooches are going for an ultrasound this weekend, including Rosita!

Koda/Kodiak – year old sweet mixed male. Had a hard start at life in Mexico. Was tied to a small chain, could barely move until our wonderful foster took him. He was quite shy although loves belly rubs and attention, he is now living the life and starting to trust. He is timid for a minute when he meets new people but doesn’t take long for him to ho back for more loving! Was afraid of his own dish but no longer cowards when we feed him and eats happily. Loves outside walks, still learning manners on the leash as when he is done his business he wants to run back inside where he feels safe. Very spunky & energetic, especially if he has a dog friend. Neutered, Rabies, DAPP, blood work tested negative for heartworm, etc. He hurt his paw but after x-rays vet prescribed rest so no long walks or running in dog parks until he is fully healed. Obviously crated due to vet recommendation and very clean there and in the house. Loves other dogs, great little guy! We brought him at an event in a pet store and he was amazing at greeting clients at the door – and their pets, including a cat!! Our boy is also going for an ultrasound this weekend!

Gypsy – 3 year old Chihuahua who came in very scared of people. She is such a lovely and sweet girl but still shy at times and may yelp if scared. She is very smart, learnt that if she pretends to charge your hand – you will leave her alone lol. She will not and does not bite but if scared she will do the pretend thing to scare you off… doesn’t work with us anymore and neither with our vets as we spoiled her little secret hahaha She has been seen to poo or pee when really scared, again not something that happens with us any longer but just in case she does it the first day or so with new people and new home! We really would like her to be spoiled rotten, she surely deserves it – she seems to have gone through a lot in her short years. No kids for this little one, sudden movements are very scary to her!