Boomer – Rottie mixed, sweet boy who now walks perfectly by our side on the leash. Gentle boy who loves to be loved, will do anything to please. A big suck who loves playing with other dogs, friendly & nice. He listens well, food motivated so is very easy to train. When he came in, he would jump up and put his paws on counters or tables, ripped the blanket in the car on his way to the vets but has learned not to do such things and learning more every day. Approx 1, 1.5 years old, now neutered, rabies, DAPP-L & tested negative for heartworm & Lyme. A great dog, with more time and patience, he will make a great addition to any family.

ADOPTION PENDING Gypsy – 3 year old Chihuahua who came in very scared of people. She is such a lovely and sweet girl but still shy at times and may yelp if scared. She is very smart, learnt that if she pretends to charge your hand – you will leave her alone lol. She has been seen to poo or pee when really scared, again not something that happens with us any longer but just in case she does it the first day or so with new people and new home! We really would like her to be spoiled rotten, she surely deserves it – she seems to have gone through a lot in her short years. No kids for this little one, sudden movements are very scary to her!