(Pépita, formerly Victoria – May 2015)oh là là!! Une boule d’amour. elle m’a collé toute la fin de semaine sans me quitter d’une miette. Elle est un vrai coeur. Noisette (ma chatte) là super bien accepté. Au début elle lui lançait des regardes en voulant dire (what is that!!!) mais maintenant elles sont toutes deux adorables ensemble!! Gabrielle est au paradis depuis qu’elle la revue. C’est le phénomène superstar. elle la photographe sans cesse. elle là déjà présenté à sa classe (en photo) et il n’y a pas une personne qui nous rencontre qui n’apprend pas la bonne nouvelle. Nous l’avons officiellement renommé Pépite (avec Pépita pour son petit côté espagnol) et nous sommes toutes en amour avec elle!! Pour la semaine elle se fait garder chez grand-maman et grand-papa mais la semaine prochaine elle va s’habituer à être juste avec Noisette pendant la journée. Nous allons envoyer des photos en fds, avec son nouveau poil!! ça pousse!! merci encoreSonia

(Opie, formerly Sabre – November 2014)  Just thought I would give you an update on Opie formerly Sabre. He is a very smart boy and trained quickly. He is fully trained off leash and uses his manners with other dogs and small children. He is getting so big! In the first month he gained 12 pounds. He is a very happy boy that loves to sit on our laps. He is so cute that we sometimes let him at almost 80 pounds! Thank you for saving him he was definitely meant to be ours.  Kate 🙂

(Rascal & Scout, formely Pink – October 2014)  Just a short note to say Rascal & Pink are an awesome addition to our family! (We renamed Pink to Scout…but Rascal suits the other one perfectly.)  They are playful, curious, and both have very sweet temperaments. They are currently all cuddled up in a ball, sleeping. Training them on a number of things, they are eager to please.  Thank you for the important work you do at NARC. We will definitely refer people to your organization first when thinking about a dog.  Jasmine

(Kevin, formerly Gabe – July 2014)  Hi Michelle,  Alycia here – adopted Kevin July 13th! I just wanted to give you an update to say just how WONDERFUL this doggie is. I could not be happier with him!  He is adjusting so well to apartment living and just loves his little walks in the morning and at night ( I even go home at lunch sometimes lol )! I’ve attached some pictures so you guys can see just how much lovin’ he’s been getting!  He still has one stitch that’s sticking out ( the skin around it doesn’t look pink or swollen though ) so we’re keeping an eye on that and beleive it or not his stinky breath is actually getting a lot better too!  He’s got the best temperment I’ve ever seen on a dog! I think he could be a little older than 1.5 ( if not I’m even more impressed ) because he’s got the cutest little grey beard on him!  I just wanted to say thank you again Michelle, going to N.A.R.C definitely put my faith back into recues and all the work that you guys do everyday. You are all amazing people and if it weren’t for you I would never have found my canine soul mate!  Sincerely,  Alycia


(Libby, formerly Porscha – June 2014)  We adopted Libby (aka Porsha) on June 21st. She is happy and healthy and learning how to be a great dog from her big brother Bill. She can sit and stay and knows what a “treat” is. lol.  Thank you Narc for our new addition.


(Meteor, formerly Honorata – June 2014)  Hi! I just wanted to let you know that Honorate (whom my kids have affectionately named Meteor because she is so fast!) is doing wonderful and we absolutely love her. She is full of love and cuddles and energy!! She has been perfect since we have gotten home and is so well trained. I’ve already taken her on several runs and countless walks;). We wanted to thank you for your wonderful work and the affection you gave her in the months she was with you. If you ever need a free foster home for one of your older dogs please let us know. I know Meteor would love the company as she is such a friendly dog. Je l’aime!! J’attache quelques photos. Merci! Geneviève et famille


(Gypsy – June 2014)  Hi Michelle; Gypsy seems to be adjusting well, only minor issue is her excitement on the leash – lots of pulling  🙂  The vet that I will be using has been working with my sister and her dogs for many years. It would be appreciated if you could forward information to them. Thanks very much.  Jim & Gypsy


(Kienna – June 2014)  We have many e-mails on how wonderful Kienna is doing fabulously and client visits every few weekends…  Although, we did find out that she has Heartworm so we helped them with the medications as the cost can be up there!  Go Kienna, you are in treatment now and we know you are a strong girl and will beat this.  We are sending our love and support to you my girl.


(Philomena – May 2014) Just to let you know she is doing well.  It’s three weeks today that I have her.  She has met tons of people and we go for several walks daily and at night we go to a friend’s house who has a huge fenced in back yard and she runs around with their dog and has lots of fun.  She sleeps in bed with me every night.  She has a dog bed on the main floor and she takes  turns (during the day) sleeping in the living room chair, the bed or the loveseat.  I took up to a country place on Lac Bernard (several miles from Wakefield in the middle of the bush)  and I let her loose and she didn’t run away.  She comes when I call her.  She still pees in the house – I don’t think she has grabbed the concept of telling me when she has to go out.  She is still frightened of men and sudden movements but she’s improving.  She loves to play.  I find her a delightful little dog and she’s much loved by everyone that meets her.  Lyn


(Isis’ pup, now Dany – 2014)  Hi Michelle,   I just wanted to thank you for bring me together with my puppy Dany (one of Isis’s pups). It took me months of searching to find her and she is everything I hoped for in a puppy. I remember you saying there may be a walk going on for the adopted dogs of NARC where she could possibly reunite with her litter mates. Is that still upcoming or have I missed it? Cheers, Miranda


(Minnalousche in the Hamptons – 2014) I don’t want you to think all she does is lie around on soft surfaces, but she is sooooo excited and rambunctious on our walks I can’t work the cell phone camera at the same time!!  I think she could already go off the leash: every squirrel, every seagull – she is desperate to run, but I just want her a bit more familiar with all the different locations.  At the beach this weekend she seems to love the waves, so I expect she might be a swimmer in addition to all her other great qualities.  When she’s running free, I’ll send some action photos. The border was fine, she was just super carsick all the way home!  Anne

(Foster Failure, Aphrodite’s pup – 2014)  Hi Michelle. Not sure if you got my email or not but I would like to adopt the puppy – he’s doing really well and has wormed his way into the family. Just need a reminder on how much it is and when we can meet. I am working until 7 this week but can come out anytime afterwards. Thanks, Tracy

(Molly, formerly Bassilissa – 2014) Hi Michelle, Just to let you know my husband is bringing Molly in at 10:00 am SATURDAY for more deworming. You had mentioned we could come earlier.  Oh and she has found a new home………. Here :). My mom not well enough to take care of her and Molly is too sweet to just get rid of! She loves the other dogs here and they all play together 🙂 I need some tips though how to train her to pee and poop outside!  Maria 🙂

(Bear – 2013)  The first time I met Tiffany I fell in love with her. Such a calm and sweet dog. That’s when I knew I wanted to adopt one of her puppies. But which puppy to choose? I picked a puppy who looked exactly like her: all black with a little white spot on his chest. He is now about 8 months old and is doing very well. Because of his color and his size, strangers are often wary of him. But truth be told, he is big softy. He has an amazing temperment and loves to cuddle. Bear has made the perfect addition to our family.


(Sophie – 2013)  Hi Michelle, Just a quick mail to let you know that Sophie is doing great!! We are baffled at why she was not adopted!! She is the sweetest and most loving girl! The only thing she has is a dead k9 tooth. That will be removed on Feb 12th. Thanks again for giving us a wonderful dog!! Dawn


(Daisy, formerly Myka – Fall 2013) Hi Michelle, I’m just sending you a short note to let you know how Myka… now Daisy, is doing since we adopted her from NARC last fall.  in a nutshell… she’s a gift – we love her and I hope she loves us too. She is super smart and a very sweet girl. She learned her new name in 3 days, and has been such a loving and kissy-faced addition to our home.  It is so hard to believe  that her family left her in that pound in Cornwall… She, and we,  are lucky that you saved her.  She has her own bed in every room, goes running with us 2-3 times a week, and has a visit to an off leash park every weekend… saturday and sunday… rain or shine….  She loves it all…  Whisky, our older dog… well…she tolerates Daisy well enough… ; ) basically, ignoring Daisy’s exhuberance : )  It is sweet. I know NARC cares for many animals, and you probably get lots of people writing these kinds of  letters… but it is important that you know – this girl is now so very loved and what you did for her changed her life.  We love her, we love her, we love her…. and we will take such good care of her until she is old and lived a full life…. as she deserves.. Thank you, and NARC for caring for her until we could find her. I’ve attached a few pictures for you so you can see how she is doing… I feel she is happy….her ears are up now a lot! Thanks so much for your dedication to animals. You are such a star!  Kindest regards and many hugs, Cheryl, Currie, Whisky, and Daisy (formerly known as Myka) 


(Oscar – summer 2013)  Hi Michelle – just to let you know that we met Brad and learned a lot of information on how to deal with Oscar.   So we now have our homework to do, and will work with Oscar over the next few weeks.  We were very impressed with Brad and would totally recommend him to anyone with doggie issues.  Thank you so much for referring him and I will keep you in the loop as to Oscar’s  progress.  Cheers for now!  Kathy and Oscar!

(Brooklyn pup – Feb 2013)  Good Afternoon Michelle,  We adopted our Pup from NARC about a year ago. He is definitely my big baby I adore him to pieces. Thank you again for all your help with the neutering and training advice. He was a Brooklyn Pup (black flat coat retriever Momma).  We are leaving to Toronto early Friday morning for the Easter Long Weekend and we will be back on Sunday. We are currently looking for a GOOD reliable kennel for our dog Moose while we are gone. We thought of you guys right away. Are you able to take in dogs for doggy sitting? Let me know 🙂  Mélanie


(Brizby, formerly Bathilda pup – Aug 2013) We wanted to thank you for taking such good care of our new dog. She is so gentle and relaxed. We, along with our kids, are so in love with her. Brizby is so gentle and has the most tolerant attitude with the kids. Brizby spent her first day with us chasing our youngest daughter around the backyard and chewing on the sticks she found for her. She was cuddly last night after the kids went to bed… snuggled up to us and made those content grunts and sighs while we watched our tv show. And this morning, when she needed to go out for a pee – she barked once or twice to let us know. What a smart pup. She’s absolutely perfect.
Thanks again for all of your good work with her, and for raising our newest family member. -Corey (and Ann) Lacelle + kids


(Mia, formerly Chikita – Aug 2013)  Hi michelle,  Tia has had a very busy excited day learning her new area and home & name. She enjoyed her outing to pet smart ( popped on their floor – oops). And made lots of friends there. she got a pretty new pink collar with a engraved pink heart dog tag with her name and my contact info on it. She has checked out our back yard and all through the house. She went pee twice outside and did both on the evening walk. She even jumped up and laid beside my husband for awhile but it’s clear I’m considered her person 🙂 She is snoozing beside me now all tuckered out. My question is about sleeping tonight and I must admit I’m concerned with work on Monday. You said that when you put them to bed they went into a crate…what did you call it? ” go to bed” into your home”? I would like to keep the same terms she’s used too. When you went to work she was ok in her crate for up to 8 hours and could hold her bladder that long? Did you leave water & food in with her?
Is it better to have the crate in the kitchen where she can see some stuff outside then in the bedroom when nobody is home? Lots of questions – sorry 🙂  Susan


(Teddy, formerly Pinnochio – 2013)  Hi Michelle:  Just thought you would like to see how Teddy (Pinochio) has settled in with his Dad. If you want you can post this on your happily ever after. We are very happy with our little guy, Teddy. Of the three dogs we have he is the smallest and the instigator of all the barking, howling, etc. Even so, we
love him dearly and very happy we were able to adopt him from Narc. Please keep up the good work.  Teddy’s forever mom, Debbie.


(Cali, formerly Sephora – 2012)  Hi Michelle, I wanted to let you know that Cali is absolutely fantastic.  She passed her first obedience class with flying colours, and we will be heading back in for extended training with her.  We had 3 of the bullet/BBgun pellets removed, but are leaving the rest in, as it would be more harm to take them out than to leave them.  She is now 90lbs (was 74 when we got her from you), in wonderful shape and a lovely dog.  We get SO many compliments on our big girl. Here are some pictures of her now.  Rena 


(Bagle – 2012 = they adopted Sophie in 2013)  Hi Michelle,  This is Dawn, I adopted Bagel the beagle in August of 2012. Do you remember us? I was just wanting to let you know that Bagel passed away last Friday. He became very sick from something called immune mediated hemolytic anemia. Basically it’s where the body starts destroying its own red blood cells and they become anemic. After many tests at Bay View and Alta Vista including an ultrasound and bone marrow biopsy we got a diagnosis. Treatment is medication. Unfortunately Bagel didn’t respond to treatment.  We are all very devastated. He was one in a million. He was my boy and I miss him so much.  In the future we will adopt again, and I’ll be sure to come see you.
Thank you for what you do. Without you, I would never have got to have a very special year and a bit with the world’s best dog..Bagel.   Sincerely,  Dawn


(Ziggy, formerly Cashew – 2012)  Hi Michelle, I just wanted to give you an update on Cashew, now known as Ziggy. He seems to be settling in just fine. He had some biting behaviour which we have reduced greatly (firm no seems to work) and a couple days of diarrhoea. I have been walking him quite a bit because he had a couple of accidents but now it is not a problem. The cat and Ziggy are fine together as well. We are very pleased with how Ziggy fits in and I guess for me, I am glad that other family did not want him.  I will update you more in a couple of days.  Shawn


(Baxter, formerly Solomon – early 2012) Hi Michelle and the rest of the NARC Family, We just wanted to take a moment to let you know how Baxter (formerly Solomon) is doing.  We absolutely adore him.  He is excellent with the kids and has nothing but love to give.  He wants to be around us all the time and is always trying to sneak in kisses whenever he can.  He is learning new tricks and working on his puppy manners.  He went to the puppy spa the other day, for the first time, and came back looking like a brand new dog!  Thank you so much for bringing this wonderful little ball of fur into our lives.  He is a total joy and is a wonderful addition to our family. Warmest Wishes, Baxter’s Family, Stephanie, Matt, Logan and Kassidy


(Dinsdale, formerly Posch – early 2012)  Hello Michelle,  It was great to meet you yesterday.  We are very happy with our new dog, the malti-poo you called Posch (we have since named him Dinsdale).  He has settled into our home really well and seems very comfortable and at ease.  He is so very gentle and well behaved both in the house and on walks.  We feel very lucky to have found him!  We would like to go ahead and arrange to have his teeth cleaned and any teeth needing extraction looked after, and get his rabies shot and his chipping done by your vet.  Does this week work for you and if so when would we drop him off?  He doesn’t seem to be interested in chew toys at all and is even not really too interested in treats so I was wondering if his teeth may be sore.  He will eat his kibble though.  Thank you again for the work you do in helping these dogs find new loving homes.  Kind regards,  Doug     Here’s a picture of Dinsdale from this morning with our daughter, after a bath last night and a couple of walks.


(Lucky – 2012)  Hi Michelle!   Just wanted to let you know that Lucky is doing really well and is very happy to have a home. Likewise, my father is doing much better because he has his little buddy with him all the time. He really is a good and playful dog. He visits my nephews and other family members who have kids every week, and everyone adores him. I was wondering if you have his paperwork (rabies vaccination, or anything from a vet), you did give me his tag, but were supposed to send me an email with the documentation. We may be going to our cottage across the border this weekend, and would like to have it in case they ask. Thanks again for your help.   Bruce

(Floyd – Spring 2012) Hi Michelle, I just wanted to let you know that Floyd and I are getting along just fine.  Had to try a few different training aids for the walking but he is really coming around.  I walk him about three times a day.   There is an unused railroad track behind my home so he gets his freedom to run and romp for half of our walk.  He is a great dog and I just love him. Thanks so much. Debbie


(June 2012)  Hi Michelle,  sorry that it has been so long since we spoke. I just wanted to let you know that I will be working with a client soon that just adopted Buffy from NARC. She loves her to death and was singing your praises. You do such an amazing job at NARC, I hope you are loving every minute 🙂  Cheers, Chandra Scott, Professional Dog Trainer, Canadian Canine Training Academy


(Otis, formerly Bizkit – 2012)  Hi NARC;  Just wanted to let you know since it’s been almost a year that “Bizkit” now called “Otis” is doing great.   And here’s some more recent photos.. as you might recall I ride and train horses and he has turned into a great barn dog.  He had some gastro issues at first but we have him on a gastro-friendly diet and he is doing well.   Debbie


(Andrew – Spring 2012)  Hi Michelle,  Just wanted to let you know that Andrew is doing great.  All the neighbours just love him and have adopted him as well.  He has made new doggy friends also. He loves his walks and is so friendly to everyone.  He loves to play with his toy and will play fetch and tug of war.  He is a sweet, happy boy that always has a smile on his face. He has been a welcomed companion for me since my husband passed away.  Thanks to you and all the volunteers who help out. Its a great organization and you give these cute little guys and girls a second chance to find a good family.  Thanks again.  Ruth


(Alfie, formerly Lilac – 2012) Hi Michelle,  I just wanted to let you know that Alfie is settling in to his new home really well.  He’s eating like a little champ, playing with us all the time, teething like crazy, and sleeping like a baby!  He loves being cuddled, petted, and talked to….exactly like you described. Thank you for nursing him back to health so he could become part of our family. We are all totally in love! Karen


(Ebony, – Aug-2012)  Hi Michelle,  Things are going well with Ebony.  She is a real sweetheart and is getting a lot of love and attention.  The kids friends are all excited and I am just checking to make sure that she has had her rabies shots just in case.  She had a little trouble settling down to sleep on the first night but was great last night.  Thanks  Lisa


(Taz – summer 2012)  Hi Michelle and NARC volunteers,  Alex and I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate and love Taz! He’s doing great adapting to us, our routine, and our home. The first night was rough with lots of crying and whining, but since then he’s sleeping through the whole night in his crate with no fussing at all! He’s very well behaved and warm and friendly and he loves going for lots of walks:) He’s had no accidents in the crate at all, and no accidents in the house since the first day, when he was probably just overwhelmed and stressed at the new environment. We’re really enjoying his company and looking forward to having Taz in our life for many years to come!  Michelle, what dog food was he eating at NARC? he’s had loose stool since we brought him home, but i’m sure he’s probably just getting used to a new brand/type of food.  Thanks so much!  Eugenie


(Lincoln, formerly Pablo – Fall 2012)  Hi Michelle;  I was looking at your blog and it looks like you’ve been really busy with your new babies. I hope all is going well. Just wanted to let you know that Pablo (now Lincoln) is doing great. He’s bonded really well with both me and Shawn and seems to be having lots of fun in his new home. I took him to Pet Smart for a visit last week and we actually ran into a former NARC volunteer  (Andreé Anna?). They were very happy to see each other.   I know you are very busy but when you get the chance, could you please send along copies of Pablo’s papers? Many thanks,  Kelly


(Sadie, formerly Mattie – Fall 2012)  Hi Michelle,  Thought I would give you an update on Sadie.  She has been on a low fat diet for the past two weeks and is doing great. Has stopped all diarrhea & vomiting, is gaining weight and settling in nicely.  I have fallen in love.  She is one smart girl and is very easy to train.  Lots of energy and always ready to play.  She will now sleep beside me on the chair & sometimes even sleeps on my bed.  Since her issues have cleared up, I will be keeping her and hopefully we can keep the pancreatitis issue at rest by keeping her on this diet.  Thanks again for your lengthy talk with me.  Cathie


(Toby, formerly Toby – Fall 2011)  Hi Michelle,  Another update on Petrie, we have renamed him Toby as we did not think he really knew his name (I have attached a picture with him and my son Grant).  He is a wonderful dog and doing fabulously.  He is so gentle and very good about not jumping up… only when he gets a bit excited to see us.  We love having him as part of the family and he already feels like he has been with us for a long time though it has only just been over a week.  We are planning to start him on a bit of training (he is still a little afraid when we take him for walks) and was wondering if you could email me a scan of his vet documents.  Email would be perfect if your photocopying machine is still not working.  I hope that everything is going smoothly with the other pups.  I really appreciate all the wonderful work that you are doing!  Drop me a line if there is any problems.  Thanks again  Gayle


Linda & Melanie 2012

(Scarlett – 2009 came in with scabies)  Hi Michelle,  Just thought I would give you an update on Scarlet the bulldog. Well first and foremost we LOVE her. We have had our challenges with her but nothing we couldn’t over come. In the last week Scarlet got very sick and I took her to the vet and after spending 600.00 we discovered she had broncittis ..imagine I never knew  dog could develop that. She is on the mend and we are sure glad for that. She is a wonderful dog and they all love her at the local vets.  Scarlet comes regularly to my place of work and loves every minute of it. She is such a wonderful pet…thankyou Michelle for saving Scarlets life and allowing us to be part of it…….Cindy


(Chester – 2009)  Hello Michelle!  Just wanted to touch base regarding Chester’s dental work. You had mentioned that we could drop him off on the Wednesday night and pick him up on the Thursday evening, but I was wondering if I could drive him over to your place on the Thursday Morning and pick him up on the Thursday night so that he does not have to spend the night away from home (and so I do not have to go without him for the night, the house and the bed would be too empty!). I am done teaching as of the 18th, so any Thursday after that would be great. The oil of oregano has been a life saver though! He is finally playing and chewing on toys, which is so great to see.  I also wanted to let you know that Chester is just the sweetest little dog. He and our retriever Toby are the best of friends, and all our neighbors laugh at them b/c Chester is so small and Toby is so big, and yet they walk side by side like best buds. Chester has learned how to walk on the leach so well, and he is getting better and better at the house breaking every day (although I have read that his breed is stubborn when it comes to that). He has claimed my lap as his own, and he is happy as long as he is being carried around like a baby. He is still very, very fearful of children and strangers, but we are visiting the dog park often and walking all the time, so he is starting to come out of his shell. We could not be happier with our little Chester, and we are so grateful for everything you do to save these dogs. I have told everybody who asks where Chester comes from and about the work you do.  Thanks!  JennChes


(Hunter, formerly Hulk – 2009) Hello,  I just wanted to let you know that Hulk  (now named Hunter) is doing awesome.  We just love him and he is the perfect dog.   Please email me his papers so we have them on file.  Thank you.  Erika


(Lala –  2008)  Hi Mom, It’s me Lala;  Mom I’m in love but my love is not returned yet, but I will win her over.  She teases me then runs downstairs & jumps on those high shelves.  Will send picture once I win her.  Enough of my love life.  I have a happy new home;  lots of food & lots of love.  There’s four of us here,  we each have our own space & share everything.  I already met  Aunt Shirl, Aunt Giz, Uncle Wayne & my grandpa.  I passed the test.  They are great fans of dog whisperer & said I was calm & well balance Hey the perfect dog.  (I knew that)   Sending you a picture of my buddy.  Don’t know if you’ll get this cause this internet is not too great & the human not good at all on computers.  P.S.  Mon thanks for giving me my new life.  I know that my place is now taken by another one that will have a second chance in living a good one,  but I know I will always be in your heart.  Soon as I get a chance I will come home for a visit.  Lots of love,  Lala the beautiful one.


(Bella, formerly Samantha – 2008)  Good afternoon Michelle:  We adopted Bella (aka Samantha) from you in August and recently had her spay done.  Do I need to send you proof of this spay?  I also wanted to thank you again for Bella.  Our standard poodle is going into a small horse and has provided us with endless hours of joy.  She is one special girl who we adore!  Regards,  Glenda


(Radar – 2008) Merry Christmas Michelle and friends,  Thank you for the Christmas card you sent me! I thought I would let you know how happy I am in my new home.  My Dad and Mom bought me my own bed, seat belt for the car (I love the car), a warm coat, some great toy’s and some yummy food. We have a great time playing but, best of all, they love me alot (even when I am a little bad, sometimes I don’t like to listen…I’m working on that). I guess I am a pretty good boy because Santa left some presents for me under the tree!  I am so happy all of you kept me safe until some good people found me!  Thank you for everything you do for the animals that need a home, like I did.  Your happy pal,  Radar

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  1. mmayer3 says:

    OMG, I am so happy for her – pictures please of her new look lol Giving her kisses Michelle

  2. Claudette Béland Boucher says:

    Update on Pepper! (formerly Mystique)
    Pepper has been with us one month today and is happy, healthy and has lost 8 ponds! She no longer requires weight management food! She loves to walk with her new family members and to play with her Kong and squeaky toys! Thank you Michelle for all that you do at N.A.R.C. for these deserving
    Pepper is loved and very happy!

  3. Sarah says:

    The first time I met Tiffany I fell in love with her. Such a calm and sweet dog. That’s when I knew I wanted to adopt one of her puppies. But which puppy to choose? I picked a puppy who looked exactly like her: all black with a little white spot on his chest. He is now about 8 months old and is doing very well. Because of his color and his size, strangers are often wary of him. But truth be told, he is big softy. He has an amazing temperment and loves to cuddle. Bear has made the perfect addition to our family.

  4. Danielle & Jeff Carrie says:

    (Daniel adopted Feb 2014) Just wanted you to know that Charlie is doing fantastic. He is loved by everyone who has met him, human and 4 legged. I wish I could attach a picture. He has gained about 10 lbs and is a very healthy, slim beagle. He sure does love to be loved. After we taught him how to do stairs, housebreaking was a bit of a challenge, but I think we are good now. He sure does love his walks and playtime with other puppies. Thanks for such a great pup

  5. Krista says:

    Hi there! I was wondering if you can possibly help me? I am looking to re-home my 5 year old Rottweiler. With life changes, jobs, baby ect we unfortunately just don’t have the time for him anymore. He needs a lot of exercise…is there anyway you can help us find him a home???!!
    Thank you

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