Adoption Questionnaire

Click on the link here to download our Adoption Questionnaire .

You may fill and return this document by e-mail to NARC with your reference.

We prefer a veterinary reference although we do accept work, volunteerism, neighbour as good references but do not accept family members!

12 Responses to Adoption Questionnaire

  1. mmayer3 says:

    So sad to hear she passed, very happy she had a great home to call home though. Let us know if ever you are looking for another lovebug. Thanks.

  2. Dave Hopp says:

    We brought home Lucy from Narc June 26th 2012. She was a Jack Russell Terrier and brought so much joy to our lives. She passes away a couple of days ago and we are lost. Thank you for providing us with a dog with so much love and affection

  3. rana hamza says:

    hi plz i have dog any type

  4. mmayer3 says:

    Please look at the dogs available for adoption, Flower has found her home quite a few months ago. Thank you.

  5. Gynet Pilotte says:

    I am 63, partly employed to entertain elderlies with difficulties.
    I want a small dog because I cannot lift more than 12 pounds because of cervical arthritis.
    Had dogs part of my life and want to give a good home , living alone in a condo.
    Flower seems interesting.

  6. Laura says:

    Is your questionnaire available in PDF?

  7. Cindy Berube says:

    very interested in your dogs for adoption, love tortilla, please email me with infor

  8. MaryAn says:

    I was just wondering where you are Located . I am interested in your black Lab and how much are your puppies 🙂 thank you

  9. Francine Lamontagne says:

    I send you a few emails this week about Amy the boston terrier mix. I just wanted to conform that I will be at the shelter on Saturday at 1pm. If she gets adopted out before that or you can’t meet me for 1pm. I’m leaving Sudbury to go to Ottawa today at noon and will be staying at the number provided above. Can’t wait to meet Amy and possible bring her home with us.

  10. It is really a great and useful piece of info. I’m glad that you shared this useful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  11. mmayer3 says:

    No, we do not deliver dogs. People come here to meet them and us before any adoption, we don’t have time to drive around dropping off dogs all over the city. You probably heard that we pick up dogs from pounds, SPCA’s and Humane Societes, yes, all of our dogs come from such places but we don’t deliver not do we “mail” or “ship” our dogs…

  12. April Dubreuil says:

    Hi there just recently a neighbor of mine adopted from a Basset Hound rescue. He told me alot of rescue dogs will even deliver the dog to you, is this true of N.A.R.C? If so great. MY mom lives in a northern Ontario town called McKerrow, she is recently retired and her and my dad live in the country they own 82 acres of land and have a beautiful collie mix. Recently my mom has mentioned to me about wanting a small-medium sized house dog for her to spoil. I decided to look at rescue organizations in Ontario to see what was out there. I cmae upon this website and I see you have alot of small-med sized breeds. I was also wondering how much you charge for adoptions.I will fill out an application on her behalf if your organization would be willing to deliver the dog. The town she lives in is 45 minutes west of Sudbury, Ontario.


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