Lexi – update

Lexi is doing well, although she has a cold and is still on antibiotics but she is “tails wagging” and running around all over the house. Very excited when I get home and she started doing this funny howling thing when I decide not to go see her first – pretty funny! She still never barks, I haven’t heard her bark once since we’ve gotten her, pretty quiet girl although sometimes you may think I have a little mouse in the house… If she hears me talking to someone at the front door, she does these little noises like a little mouse!

I know I’ve been a “mother hen” not wanting to show her off to volunteers but you have to understand that she has had quite the ordeal and with this cold weather, don’t want her coughing to get worst or catch something else from the new dogs that arrived! So, don’t take it personally and maybe this weekend, if she is no longer coughing – you will see her little face!

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