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Most of our animals up for adoption have either been spayed/neutered already by one of our veterinarians or, as in the case of a pup or special cases up to the new owner to do within the first year of owning the animal.  We try to alter our animals shortly after receiving them and recommend that adoptive families do the same (when the animal is of age) to avoid any chance of an “oops-pregnancy” or the discomfort that is “heat” in the females or spraying in the males.

Our adoption policy is fairly simple: We are looking for quality, long term permanent homes with responsible owners. We are looking for indoor homes for our small animals, although we recommend keeping small animals indoors as a general rule for their longevity and ultimate safety.  If, for some reason, you can no longer keep your Navan Animal Rescue Corporation pet, adopters agree to return the animal to Navan Animal Rescue Corporation in order to avoid having them surrendered to a traditional shelter where their chances of survival are slim.

Adoption fees are dependant on the veterinary, training and nutrition costs of the animal rescued.  Our fees vary depending on the pet you are adopting!  Our regular prices for dog adoptions vary between $500-$900 to cover spay/neuter, shots, antibiotics, medications, (dental work and major surgeries such as hernias when needed), training and cost of living. If you return our dog (not for puppies) prior to the 4 day foster to adopt program, we will reimburse your adoption fee minus a $200 administration cost.  That is only if you have another dog or cat that our dog is not getting along with – no refunds on regular adoptions or with puppies.  Please see 4 day foster to adopt information for further details. Deposits are non-refundable as we usually do not hold dogs.

Follow up support is always available. If you have adopted one of our animals and are experiencing any manner of problem, from behavior to health, we are always available to offer our input and give you the benefit of our knowledge regarding training and most health issues. We are available by phone at 613-834-7005 or by email at Regardless of how small or large the problem is, we understand the importance of blending a new animal into your home and lifestyle. For our animal to be happy, the new owners must be too and we’re here to help.

When volunteers are available, we can provide doing a walk-through of your backyard and help to identify any area of weakness in the fencing, etc. to ensure your new animal does not become a casualty of traffic or by-law enforcement.

Whether farm animal, dog, critter or reptile, we feel that each of our animals is special because it has survived euthanization, and it is very important to all of us at Navan Animal Rescue Corporation that we have made a good match on behalf of the animal and of the adoptive individual or family. It’s what we live by.

23 Responses to Adoption Information

  1. Kerri Bentsen says:

    Good evening. I have sent an email with an application attached and am interested in applying to adopt Pablo. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. Ashley says:

    Hi there, I am interested in having more information on Hulk and Sugar please! 🙂

  3. mmayer3 says:

    Anabelle has found her home in BC, her foster family has decided to adopt her. Thank you.

  4. Shannon says:

    Hi there! I’d love to find out more about Anabella. Any informaiton you could share would be much appreciated…thank you!

  5. Amber Theiner says:

    Can you email me please! I have some puppy food and puppy pee pads I would like to donate! 🙂

  6. mmayer3 says:

    We do not have a Lauren dog ready for adoption!?

  7. Kathryn says:

    What breed is Lauren?

  8. mmayer3 says:

    Marcel will be ready this weekend, he is at the vet’s for his Neuter now so if we are given thumbs up from our vet’s – he will be available in a few days!

  9. Tracey & Yanick says:

    Hello! We are very interested in Marcel and were wondering when will he become available for adoption. We would love to come and visit this handsome fella! Please email us with more details if possible.

    Tracey & Yanick

  10. mmayer3 says:

    Coming to visit would get you all the information you need on any of our dogs at NARC, we are opened sat and sun between 1pm and 3pm – check our blog, the first page of our website as we sometimes close due to events a saturday here and there during the summer. We are posting her today so you will be able to see a picture and get more details. She is an amzaing dog!

  11. christine says:

    Hi, I am interested in Macousse, I see her on the facebook page but not on here. How can I get more info about her?

  12. mmayer3 says:

    Bella has found her home a little while ago, we have Michael, Philomena and Honorata as beagles if you are interested in meeting them. They are great dogs, will be fine with cats and learning to enjoy car rides, etc… Thank you.


    I am inquiring about Bella. I have 2 rescue cats. Moved to a small town, now retired. Would enjoy having a dog for my husband and I to walk everyday.
    Is Bella trained
    walk on leash
    how old
    get along with cats, my cats were both declawed when we rescued them
    like car
    Thank you

  14. mmayer3 says:

    Bella is an amazing dog and loves children, we are opened every saturday and sunday from 1pm to 3pm if you wish to come and meet her. Thanks.

  15. Eleanor. says:

    Hello, my husband and I saw your listing for Bella and would be interested in potentially adopting her. We have 3 children ranging from 4 to almost 10.


  16. Zoe Kok says:

    Hello! I am interested in adopting Klaus. I am trying to click on your adoption questionnaire but it’s not working :S How can I start the adoption process?

  17. mmayer3 says:

    We do not have cats at our rescue! We do know of someone who has cats though if you wish to contact her.

  18. Tammy McEnroe says:


    I am interested in adopting a cat about 1 years old with all shots and neutered. Do I need to make appointment or can we stop by

  19. Jo-Anne Greggain says:

    Hi I would like to see Bunny if you still have her. I`m interested in having a companion for my family and the 1 dog I already have. Could you please give me a call Thanks.

  20. Monique says:


    I was looking at buying a Great Dane and was wondering if the one you have would be available, first as a foster dog to see if it is a match for me and then if everything goes well, I would adopt him.

    My female yorkie is 13 years old and ailing. I live alone and will miss the company of a pet very much when I put her down, I expect very soon because she is suffering and has lost weight. It is hard to make the decision.

    I hear that Great Danes make great pets even though they are giants. I live in a home in Orleans with a yard.



  21. barb Bergeron says:

    We are interested in Oscar, the schnauzer. How big is he? Thanks

  22. Lara Russo says:

    I want to adopt a little puppy

  23. Leah says:

    Hi there. My name is Leah. I am interested in Marcie. If you could give me more details that would be great! Thanks

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