NARC Informational Highlights

Created in 2007, a private, non-profit charitable organization who wants to make a difference in the world.  NARC will work on some amazing projects and continue to inspire others to become involved in helping to protect pets across Ontario.

Some examples of NARC’s hard work include:

  • Taking in un-wanted or neglected pets from pounds and other shelters,
  • Rehabilitating and re-programming them (working with their issues),
  • Training the pets making them ready for their new adoptive families,
  • Rescuing dogs from death row and giving them a second chance at life.

NARC is already well known for its sensitive side, ensuring the pets we take in live in an “as close to a home environment” or with us in our homes – preparing them for a better tomorrow.

NARC’s website and blog will unlock a treasure-trove of information relating to training, caring for and nourishing your pets.  Information, including updates on natural products for your pets, on how you can make a difference in your area, educational resources and an on-line library with photos and articles on volunteer activities at NARC.

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  1. davidcain says:

    Hi Michel Hoping all is well with you, I was hoping you could call me right away in regards to Cybella, in regards to my adopting her, I am still in hospt. Thanks Sincerely

    David Cain

  2. suzie says:


    Looking for a Shih-Tzu..about 2-3 yrs old, good with kids. We just lost our little girl and the house is empty.

  3. mmayer3 says:

    We have a female Shih-Tzu now, she is going to the vet’s to have her hernia removed and spay, rabies and DA2PP, she will be available next weekend for adoption once her recovery is complete. Thanks.

  4. Serge Franche says:

    We are interested in getting a shitzu….do you know if you will be getting any in soon….thanks

  5. Sharon Mykytyshyn says:

    I have a golden retriever who has been attacking our little 15 year old Maltese. she is a very loving 8 year old dog who loves people and is very friendly.

    we had Karen Rosenfeld come and spend an afternoon with the dogs a few months ago. we had made some progress but obviously the issue has not gone away

    I am going through treatments of chemo for breast cancer so there is a fair bit of stress in the house which may be adding to the problem

    I am very concerned for the safety of my little dog as she is hurting him. They have lived together for eight years.

    Our golden retriever is a wonderful dog and would make a fantastic pet for someone who has no other pets.

    I hope you can help us………I anxiously await your reply



  6. Diane says:

    Hello, do you take in stray kittens?

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