How can we donate to NARC?

You can drop off your items at any time on our covered porch. Cheques can be mailed to NARC, 4388 Navan Road, Navan, Ontario, K4B 1H9. E-transfer to adoptions@narc-charity.ca, PayPal to information@narc-charity.ca and we accept Canadian Tire money. We accept any and all small items to sell through our Poshmark account to taise funds tor veterinary care.

Are you funded by the government or any other places?

Unfortunately not. We rely on the public for donations, it is people like you and us volunteers that keeps NARC running. If it wasn’t for items donated by you (the public), NARC couldn’t remain in business which would be a shame!

What is included in your fee?

Definitely spay or neuter if they are of proper age, annual vet check, dewormers, multi-advantage and of course good nutrition and training. Most of our dogs may also come with their rabies, DA2PP and Bordetella. Many dogs also often need dental cleaning, teeth pulling, hernias or tumors removed, cherry eye surgery, etc… we try to do all that we can at NARC before re-homing them to make it less expensive for our clients.

Why isn’t there someone available during the day?

We are all volunteers at NARC, no one has a paid salary here and most of us have full-time jobs in order to pay our bills and help NARC move along. We are all working families putting in our personal efforts into rescuing. We are available by appointment evenings or weekends and try to please everyone as best we can!

Is there a reduction in price for a dog that comes in already altered?

Even when a dog comes in already altered (which is very rare), our fees remain the same. This helps us recover veterinary costs from other dogs that needed dental work, teeth pulling, hernia removal, cherry eye surgery, etc… which certainly costs way over our adoption fee. Many dogs come in with very bad teeth – call around and ask how much it is to remove just one tooth – you will see how expensive it is. Yet, we manage to sometimes remove 18 teeth or all teeth on one dog alone! The only time the dog is not full fee is if they are a Senior pet or un-altered due to our vet recommendations.

Does NARC have a health guarantee?

No, we can’t provide a health guarantee as we don’t know their parents or history. We do have them verified by our veterinary and have a clean bill of health from our veterinary before re-homing any of our dogs. If a dog is ill when we first see our veterinary, we will usually go back a second or even third time before sending them off to ensure they are in good health before we place them. Although, if you ask any of our clients, we will provide you with what we can help with once you have adopted your pet such as if you find worms shortly after the adoption, we will deworm them again at no cost to you!

Why are your fees so high for a rescue?

Our fees are very competitive (between $500-$900) and we think very good considering all we do for our dogs. Training, neuter or spay, rabies, multi-advantage, deworming, annual vet check, food, treats, dental sticks… Also considering many need dental cleaning done and other surgeries such as removing tumors, hernias, teeth, cherry eye, etc… Considering the amount of money and time we spend on our dogs, our prices are very cheap!

Do you deal with other rescues? I often see on your website other dogs for adoption through other rescues – why?

Yes, we help anyone that calls for our help – especially other rescues. We have quite a few rescues that we deal with on a regular basis and are always opened to help or lend a hand to others needing our assistance. We even take dogs in to rehabilitate here and return them to their original rescue – without fees! We are all here doing the same thing and the importance are the animals – no matter where they come from! Most of our dogs come from other rescues contacting us, Humane Societies, Pounds and SPCA’s – when a dog is in need or on death row – we run to their rescue! If you see a dog for adoption through another rescue on our website, you do have to contact them for more information and location as we wouldn’t have information on their pets for adoption here at NARC.

Do you take larger breed dogs such as German Sheppards, etc…?

First off, we rarely take in releases, we send them to the Ottawa Humane Society or an SPCA near them. We do take in large breed dogs, we do make the odd exception for death row dogs or will certainly help in finding others a home. Either we will contact another rescue to take them in or post them on our website to find them a permanent home under “other dogs for adoption”. We specialize in smaller breeds here at NARC but have always managed to find the larger breeds a home somewhere – sometimes without having to take them in. Although, we do also specialize in Mastiff breeds, Standard Poodles and Danes so we will often have those breeds here looking for homes when we have room.

What do we need to do in order to adopt a NARC dog?

We have an adoption questionnaire that needs to be filled out, either download it from our website under adoption information or we can send it by e-mail to start the process. We always ask for a veterinary reference, if you don’t have one we will accept a volunteer, work reference or neighbour. We meet the whole family and this includes your dog if you have one as we want to ensure they get along with our rescue before re-homing. Then, we have our contract to sign and once everything is completed you may take our rescue home!

Do you provide help to the public, those that don’t have a NARC pet?

Of course, if you call or e-mail us with questions, we will certainly try our best to help you with your issue. We have good training procedures that work on any dog! We also could go or invite you over to help you with training for a minimal fee to help our charity!

Do you take cats in?

Unfortunately not, we don’t have the room right now for cats. We sometimes will rescue kittens that are born ferile here in the area but we don’t want adult cats to be stuck in cages 7 days a week – it goes against our beliefs! Maybe one day if we can get another building on the property – we would then use it as a cat home! Until then, we don’t want to have to cage animals all day!

Do you take farm animals?

Yes, we have a few farm animals here but no longer have room for others. So far, all of the farm animals have found their permanent home here at the farm and are not for sale. They are pets and clients really enjoy them when they visit!

Why do you always use natural products on dogs?

NARC is not a regular rescue and we rarely take in releases (dogs that owners no longer want). We specialize in rescuing dogs from death row in pounds and most of these are either from puppy mills, horders or found as strays. That being said, they haven’t had the best of lives so we really want them to have a healthy start with very good nutrition. We give them Wild Oil of Oregano in treats to boost their immune system and reduce risk of worms, intestinal parasites, etc… We bathe them with Tea Tree Oil Shampoo which is also the perfect preventative in skin conditions, fleas, ticks, etc… We strongly believe in our natural products and believe they strenghten our dogs before re-homing. That, mixed with veterinary products such as dewormers (Panacur or Strongid-T) and our multi-advantage monthly ensures that our dogs are hopefully completely parasite free for their new home.

Should we continue your program once we adopt a NARC dog?

We feel strongly about our natural products and a dental stick once a week to maintain your dogs health. Yes, you could keep your new dog on the Wild Oil of Oregano, Coconut Oil, Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and a dental stick weekly! This will reduce so many issues in the long run in your dog and of course reduce your future veterinary bills.

44 Responses to Q&A

  1. mmayer3 says:

    We don’t have a training facility yet, hopefully in the near future but right now I can only work with our rescues. thank you.

  2. mmayer3 says:

    These two have found homes quite a while ago! Please refer to our “dogs available for adoption” to see the ones that are ready for loving homes. Thank you.

  3. Ross says:

    I am looking at two of your dogs and would like to know more about them, Tiny and the Collie liz one…if they are still available.

  4. Viktor says:

    hello, i have a puppy shes a hound will be a year in january, i srveely need some training for her in multiple ways ive done training before and she was perfect, now shes acting out again as her mommy ( me ) am not home as much as i used to be cause i work fulltime, she isnt home alone all the time tho my father or friends are there with her, i need prices for training if possible & would like to hear from you.Thank you GraceSincerly Brittany & Bailey..:)

  5. Jaclyn says:

    Hi Michelle, it’s Ginger’s mom, I saw that you might need a foster home for Blue? Thinking we could help out, let me know. Jaclyn

  6. heather ridley says:

    Hello I am the proud owner of chester the Jack Russell that I got from you folks about 8 yrs ago. he is still doing very well and a good fella. My daughter and her 2 boys 10 and 12 yrs old are looking for a small breed dog that is not too old. Do you have any available?

  7. mmayer3 says:

    It is best to look in September when you are ready for adoption as our dogs leave pretty quickly. Right now we do not have a small female left for adoption, medium size Boston mixed Hound female and labradors but nothing smaller. Thank you.

  8. shari says:

    Hello, trying to find how I can write you without posting on a wall.

    We are looking for a small female companion for our 5 year old morkie male. He does not warm up to other males, but will snuggle with older mum dogs…learned this from when we visit my sisters farm however her two dogs that have been companions for him are aged. We work in the day, but take him out of the house often. We are thinking after September as he has an expensive visit to the vet for teeth cleaning, and we can look at it after then. Hope to hear from you if you have possible candidates.

  9. mmayer3 says:

    The best solution is finding a rescue on the Quebec side or a privatized SPCA with a no kill policy! Good luck in finding them homes or a rescue that can take them in. There are specific bully rescues out there, just need to find them. http://www.petfinder.com would have a local list if you do a search with your postal code. Thank you.

  10. Mel says:

    I have two pitbulls. I live in ottawa and need to relocate however I cannot bring them. If I bring them to the SPCA they will kill them as I live in Ontario. Do you have recommendation?

  11. Kate says:

    Hi there, could I please get some more information about Verona??

    Thank you.

  12. Wesley Sharman says:

    Just wondering if you have an information about Millie.

  13. mmayer3 says:

    Missy has found her permanent home, I understand some people are waiting for our christmas vacations to foster a dog but if you are looking to adopt someone, DON’T do that as the dog of choice will certainly be adopted by the time we close in three weeks time. This has happened to over 6 clients already this weekend. Three were waiting for Poncho, one wanted him on Friday and the other two to foster over the holidays. Well, now Poncho has found his home, same as Missy and George, many people wanted to foster them but luckily – tjey are gone into forever homes. This note is to all clients, if you are interested in a dog but wish to wait until next weekend or see if they will be free for fostering – DO NOT blame us when the dog has found a home which is 100% bound to happen. Waiting is not recommended, we do not hold dogs so if the dog is your choice – ADOPT them and if not, don’t be upset if you are too late! You are NEVER the only person seeing a NARC dog (4 families for Tiffany this weekend!), there is always at least 2-3 different people looking at one dog at all times! Clients are being met evenings these next few weeks because we are closing for the holidays so these dogs will definitely be gone if you don’t snatch them up in time! Just a fair warning so that no other clients get upset with us!

  14. Gilles Lafrance Jr says:

    Hello NARC, a friend of mine at work suggested your site. My best friend Jasper (14 year old German Shepherd) past away in April due to kidney failure. I miss her dearly and I’m not sure if acquiring another is the right time for me, but looking at Missy and the proposal of Christmas fostering appeals to me. We may both benefit from this experience and I have an extended holiday vacation which would suit her (20 Dec – 11 Jan). Has she been selected for a foster home already? Thank you in advance for your reply. Gilles
    here’s my alternative email address at work: gilles.lafrance@forces.gc.ca

  15. Ashley says:

    Hi NARC; I’m interested in Cherry the smaller female husky. Is there an application I would need to fill out? I have further questions, but would rather ask them by email. Thank you! -Ashley

  16. mmayer3 says:

    At this time we are only accepting 18 year and over, our teenage positions from 16+ are already filled for the year. Thank you.

  17. mmayer3 says:

    He has found his wonderful home! Now playing with 5 kids and surely having fun!

  18. Pina says:

    What has happened to Rascal?

  19. Chelsea says:

    How old do you have to be to volunteer?

  20. mmayer3 says:

    Pink and his brother Rascal are both still awaiting their loving homes, visit us saturday or sunday between 1pm and 3pm to meet them! Thanks.

  21. Courtney says:

    Hi there, curious if Pink is still available for adoption? Would love to come meet him.

  22. Josee says:

    Looking to find a female min pin. I saw Adelina and was wondering if I could come for a visit? Not sure how to contact the center as I was not able to find a number. Josee

  23. mmayer3 says:

    613-834-7005, we are opened sat and sun between 1pm and 3pm but do have a donations drop box at the front of the property if you are passing by anything during the week. Thanks.

  24. Brenda says:

    Hi, just trying to find out more about Checkers. How big to you think he will get?

  25. Moira says:

    What is your phone number? My family recently put down our two dogs, and we have barely used and unused toys, as well as food.

  26. Stephanie and derek says:

    Hi there,
    Derek and I got thunder almost 2 weeks ago from you and we’re wondering if his vet check included bloodwork. We are taking him to a vet in a couple days and wanted to know if we need to do that or not.
    Thanks you,
    Steph and Derek

  27. Annette says:

    Just inquiring as to whether I can get a adoption application sent to me please. Me and my partner are interested in a few dogs on your site
    Thank you

  28. mmayer3 says:

    We had many enquiries regarding Teddy, had already approved a family saturday at 1pm and they did take them home. He has his forever home unless he has severe allergic reactions to him but so far so good. Thank you.

  29. Carrie says:

    I’ve sent several emails through Petfinder, but that website does not direct me to this one…so I only just found this website now!
    We very much want to come meet/adopt Teddy, if he is still available, tomorrow, Sun, June 8. We need to come in the morning, between 10:30 and 11 am. Please advise me if we should come or not.
    Thank you.

  30. mmayer3 says:

    Yes, we have often found homes for the general public, families looking to place their own dogs BUT only if they are spayed/neutered, have their shots up to date, etc… We strongly beleive that every dog should be spayed/neutered and are here to help any families find home for their loving dogs. We do charge a minimal fee of $100 to the adoptive family and ask of a donation from the families we help. This is a lot of work, we do have to work on the file, do references, etc.. which takes up some of our time and searching for the right family for your dog! We take these types of adoptions as seriously as one of our own, adoptive families do have our adoption questionnaire and contract to sign. Thank you.

  31. Natalie says:

    I understand that you rarely take in releases and often post for other rescues. What about posting on behalf of a public person? What if someone really needs o find a new forever home for their small breed dog and is willing to continue to keep the animal in their home for however long it takes (or until circumstances change) at no charge to N.A.R.C, is this something that could be arranged? It would be like a courtesey post.

  32. mmayer3 says:

    She is ready for adoption, we are opened sat and sun between 1pm and 3pm if you wish to come and meet her. Thanks.

  33. Kristina says:

    Hello! I was wondering if Zulaima is still available for adoption. If so, would it be possible to come visit? Thank you!

  34. mmayer3 says:

    Blackburn Animal Hospital is our veterinarian, 110 Bearbrook Road, Unit 5, Ottawa, Ontario K1B 5R2 – you can certainly send them your donation although you will have to write the cheque in their name and either put NARC in the comments or send him a note so he knows to place it on our account. If you send a cheque to our location, 4388 Navan Road, Navan, Ontario, K4B 1H9, it would have to be in NARC’s name. Thank you for your support and so sorry about your loss! Michelle.

  35. marie-josee Maheu says:

    We would like to make a donation in the memory of one of our colleague who past away last week. He adopt his dog throught your shelter and try to convince any body who would listen to adopt a pet through a shelter. Some of my colleagues are uneasy making a donation since you are not a charity register with CRA. However I ready on your site that we could make the donation directly to your veteniarian. Could you provide me with the name and address and any information I would need to make to donation to help with your vet bill. This donation will be made in Memorium of Rejean Fournier

  36. mmayer3 says:

    We always have adult volunteer positions opened, training is saturday or sunday between 9:30am to noonish, before we open to the public. You need to e-mail us to let us know which weekend you would like to start with training and what time. Thank you.

  37. Valerie says:

    Do you have any volunteer oppurtunities currently? If so, what are they specifically?

  38. mmayer3 says:

    Go to http://www.petfinder.com to find cat rescues in your area, here in Ottawa, there are “Village Kitten Rescue”, “Cat Rescue Network”, Catahoula and such. Thank you.

  39. Luc Maltais says:

    Do you know who I could contact to find a good home for two 3 year old cats?

    My daughter in law has developed allergies after giving birth to her first born so we had to take the cats out of their home. Unfortunately we can’t keep them ourselves.

    Thanks for any help you could provide.

  40. mmayer3 says:

    Yes, we have a few clients from the US that came to adopt our puppies, the only thing is the adoption fee is a little higher unless you bring canadian money. Abigail’s puppies will be ready for adoption around March 15th at 8 weeks of age. You can fill our adoption questionnaire, we need a reference, preferably a veterinary if you have one. Hoping to see you in a few weeks! Thank you.

  41. Daisy says:

    Is it possible for families in the US to adopt a dog through NARC? My husband and I live in Rochester, NY and are interested in Abigail’s puppies. Thank you!

  42. mmayer3 says:

    Outside russel means Prescott-Russel township so you would need to call that township and find out whom their pound/SPCA/Humane Society is so they can come and investigate. If it is City of Ottawa, then it would be the OSPCA or OHS. Contact your city’s by-law department and either let them know of this situation or ask them in your area whom you should direct these complaints to. Thank you.

  43. Diana says:

    Where do I go to get someone to save a dog who is totally ignored tied up 300 feet behind the house.I hear it crying all the time. It breaks my heart. I live just outside Russell.
    Please let me know if you can help
    Thank you

  44. Ginette and Roger leroux says:

    was looking at dogs found home and i cant seem to see how daisy is doing . I heard she found a home, but cant see her picture in file.
    Well hoping she is doing fine.
    Also we had Peaqnut for a couple of days and was wondering about her also.
    reply would be nice but is not necesary, deep down all i care is that those balls of fur are in good hands ,and a good home
    keep up the good work, NARC

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