Adoptee’s in-house schedule

What we give our doggies in-house, while they are in our care:

Strongid-T dewormed every 14 days, to care for Hookworms, Pinworms & Roundworms the dogs may carry from their previous environments or in case of puppies from their mother’s milk.

Panacur given the day they arrive for 3 consecutive days and monthly afterwards, to care for Giardia, Roundworms, Hookworms, Whipworms, the taenia species of Tapeworms, Pinworms

Winter:  Advantage or Revolution or Advantix monthly, to care for fleas, ticks plus other external parasites, also takes care of different worms

Summer:   Multi-Advantage or Revolution and Heartguard monthly, to care for fleas, ticks plus other external parasites, heartworm and also takes care of different worms

Dental Stick is given twice weekly for prevention and keeping our rescues teeth clean

We recommend you bringing your new adoptee to the veterinarians for a fecal matter, some of the dogs we take in may carry specific worms that our dewormers do not cover!

Your adoptive companion should always be on Advantage/Multi-advantage or Revolution for the summer months and receive a good dewormer as regular maintenance.

NARC always includes a Strongid-T dewormer 2 weeks after the dog is adopted, if needed.  This is important especially if the dog has not received a second doze from NARC, specifically for puppies.  If you do see worms in your doggies feces shortly after adoption, please contact us and we can offer another doze of Strongid-T for your NARC adoptee.