Weekend and updates

We have been quite busy this weekend, had 4 little puppies arrive on Friday afternoon, few volunteers went to pick them up then gave them a much needed bath – they were quite filthy (black water in the tub) and had dirty underwear – litterally! OK, guess have to explain the whole storey… Seems that they were found on the side of the road in a box with a men’s pair of dirty underwear and when we got them, they came in that same box from the pound – YUK… Anyways, went to the vet’s right after work for their first shots and check-ups, temperatures were normal, healthy and now for dewormers and multi-advantage. They are approx 6 weeks old, german sheppard looking – nice thick hair, they look like little bears! 3 females and 1 male.

Then, saturday morning I went with my father to pick up our inside fence panels, that was exciting being that now we can start our inside kennel renovations. Counted 36 panels with posts and screws. When I got to NARC, the farm was full of clients, visitors, donors, volunteers and luckily we had tons of help to un-load and store them in the shed until we are ready to install. This week, I will be removing the inside fencing in the bay window area and replacing it with these new panels – what a difference it will make and certainly will look better!

Vincent also worked late almost every night last week and finished the hallway tiles, they look great and makes the house look longer and definitely cleaner compared to the brown stick-ons we had before! Now to grout that and each and every corner between the floor and walls which are aslo tiled up to 3 ft so that no water or pee can get into the cracks. This needs to be done before we can actually install the permanent inside dog runs!

Thank you everyone, volunteers, clients, friends, family for all of your help! You guys ROCK! As they say… “A best friend is like a four leaf clover: hard to find and lucky to have”. NARC and I are the most lucky, we have four leaf clovers (friends, clients, volunteers…) coming to visit and help all the time. The best extended family anyone can ever ask for or have! Sending you all kisses and hugs from myself and of course from all the doggies we have in rescue!

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