Update at the farm!

We picked up two Sky Terriers on Sunday morning, a male and a female. They were quite matted and had fleas so we’ve given them the much deserved/needed groom so they are now cut short and of course multi-advantage to eliminate the fleas. Thanks to Andree Anne who had quite the job when grooming them! They are booked for their spay/neuter on Thursday, dropping them off Wednesday after work, female also needs a huge lump removed on her abdomen, seems like a cyst but almost as big as my fist! Doesn’t hurt her but really long and dragging so will have it removed. Then, I picked up a Husky Puppy at the pound last night, approx 3 months old, will bring on Wednesday for shots and check-up.

We have started the indoor kennels – so happy! I think Jody put pictures on our facebook so will get them and post them here under pictures at the farm so you can have a look. 3 permanent kennels are installed in the small room, we already put the 3 new doggies in them and so far, so good. The gates have been ordered and may not arrive for a few week’s time but we’ve broken down a crate and installed those parts as doors for now! Thanks to Vincent who worked hard in getting them installed and solid, he had to build a bulkhead as they were a bit lower than the ceiling but it looks great!

Now to grout the hallway and in front of the tub so our newly installed tiles don’t break!

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