Flooring getting done!

We were all at NARC’s till late last night – midnight and Vincent was working hard on the flooring in the hallway. Most of it is done, plywood installed, half the hallway tiled already so it is looking good. He has tiled the front of the bathtub and it looks amazing, we are getting there! Saturday morning, I am picking up the fencing panels in hopes to getting those installed very soon! We also got two new doggies from the pound on Wednesday, a black lab we named Kobi and a golden retreiver/husky we named Nieva. Kobi was really shy when he arrived, he has a small puncture wound on his nose and besides his eye which we are treating, otherwise he is very sweet and friendly. Nieva was given a bath the moment she arrived and fit in right away, she was brushed as she had a lot of loose hair. Very sweet girl with everyone she has met.

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