Vetting Today

Another expensive week at the vet’s.  Inka got her spay and hernia removed plus her shots.  She is doing well so far, just picked them all up tonight so will keep you updated.  She was so pleased when I came back for her, they are so funny!

Pinut got her spay and shots also, she is also positive for Giardia so we have to give her medications for that for 10 days and also ensure everyone else at NARC get’s a doze!  YIKES what an expensive day!

Hershey has had his neuter, dental cleaning and quite a few extractions, he is groggy but will overcome it.  He is on antibiotics so that he doesn’t get an infection in his mouth and also another antibiotic for Kennel Cough.

We brought Flute back at the vet’s, one of the stitches wasn’t melting so we had to get it removed and they also placed her on antibiotics for a few weeks as it caused a bit of infection.

Fresca our 7 month old puppy also got spayed and shots today, she was wondering what was going on and kept looking at her belly, it took a bit of time before she realized she could pee but she finally managed.  She is such a funny gal!

And Chanelle also needed antibiotics for a runny nose and an eye infection so she is on both of these for 10 days!  She also has had all her shots, spay and check-up!

I left Maze at the vet’s for her spay and shots tomorrow so will let you know how she does.

Now, not only do I have over 15 dogs on medications/antibiotics or drops, some with two meds to administer such as Chanelle, Hershey & Baltazore but now I have the whole household on pills to cure Giardia – it will be busy in the mornings before work – let me tell ya!  Those donated hot dogs will dissapear very quickly Ha! Ha!

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