Update at Vet’s

Maze did well with her spay and she is going back to NARC for her recovery period.

We had to rush in Niko, he has been a bit sick since we got him but was worst today, vomitting and the flu.  We had the vet put him on IV fluids with strong medications through IV and ran a few tests.  Parvo is negative, Coccidia negative and Giardia negative.  He is now with me in my home for recovery and is doing quite well, eating and drinking like a pig.  He will have to return to the vet’s soon for his neuter and shots then posted for adoption.  He is very cute so will certainly go fast although he is quite shy with strangers so will need a special home with patience and hopefully a quiet environment!  He was nibbling on our fingers when we had the IV drip taken out, he certainly didn’t like it!

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