Update at the Farm

Sorry for not blogging the last few days, I’ve been bed ridden – yep, something as stupid as tying the dog outside and moving too quickly while doing it and I hurt my back!  Well, back to work today and back to blogging and updating all of you.

Oscar our little Schnauzer is doing so well, his pneumonia is healed although he still has leftover antibiotics for this week that we are finishing and his last vet check-up tonight.  Then we’ll be able to get him fixed and place him up for adoption!  He is now playfull, was nipping at my fingers this morning to play and has quite the energy after being ill for a few weeks time and on IV with strong meds at the vet’s for 2 days…

Inka is finally going to the vet’s tonight for her spay and hernia removal then she has a home lined up for Sunday.  I don’t know how I will be able to say goodbye, her and Cocotte were my partners for the last 3 days while I was in bed and watching movies quietly with me!

Cocotte is now eating by herself, grabbing food with her fixed broken bottom jaw without issues at this point which is amazing, she is also gaining weight and looking great.  I can’t leave her off leash anymore as she is quick – the little bugger and wants to check out everything so I am now putting her in the play pen outside to do her business!  She is way too quick for me right now as I am walking like a grandma – no offence grams lol!  She is ready to go, her spay healed nicely and so is her jaw and dental extractions!

Baltazore is still not liking his drops but the girls have been helping me out this week as I wasn’t able to fight with him to get them in myself!  He is now ready for adoption, will bring him to the vet’s for one last check-up to see if all is well then off he goes to his loving home.  We’ve gotten many calls for the big boy so if our vet gives us thumbs up this week, we are sure he will be gone this weekend!

The others that were on antibiotics such as Sheeba, Carlos are doing very well, their neuters are healing and the kennel cough now gone.  Our little princess Clementine still has a week’s worth of antibiotics for her stones so we are hoping they work otherwise it is surgery for her!  We have a new 5 month old puppy with skin conditions, he doens’t have a name yet but we’ll find one soon.  He is on skin infection antibiotics for a few weeks, then another vet check.. we’ve tested for scabies but it’s thankfully negative so thinking it is some type of allergies, more tests and we’ll find out what is wrong.

We’ve received a few new doggies this weekend.  The 5 month old Springer Spaniel x Collie which has the skin allergies, a toy Chihuahua who will certainly leave very quickly once he is neutered and his kennel cough goes.  He was on antibiotics for 10 days but still coughing a bit.  For some reason this year’s Kennel Cough is really bad…  May is still on her second antibiotic for her coughing and although it’s reducing, it is taking them a long time to heal properly!!!  We always get dogs with Kennel Cough from the SPCA’s but usually after a week at the farm, with the Oil of Oregano, it goes away but this year – everyone has needed antibiotics…  Keep an eye out for that for your own pets, don’t take your pets in areas where Kennel Cough resides as it is really bad cases this year – enough so that even dogs with the Bordetella (shot against Kennel Cough) still end up with it!

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