Vet’s tonight

I brought Sheenah for her follow-up examination after surgery tonight and she is doing very well, they were pleased with the way she is healing.  I know for a fact that Sheenah will be pleased that we don’t have to water down all of her meals to liquids and can finally eat canned goods.  Still can’t eat kibbles for a few weeks but she sure won’t be as starved with canned foods NOT liquified with water!

Also brought Monty for a follow-up examination after his luxating patella surgery last Friday, he too is doing well although they were worried about one of the stitches that was missing.  We re-stitched it, although Monty really didn’t like that part, he was fine afterwards and really was trying to get out of there fast.  I was laughing at him trying to hop away, little thing he does when he is in a rush is hop like a little rabbit instead of running properly – he will stop doing that in time.  It is the only way he knew how to walk/run before his surgery without his joints popping out of place!

I dropped off Wyatt and Winston for their neuters and shots for tomorrow, will pick them up after work tomorrow and see how they are doing.

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