Urgent doggy came in

Our volunteer driver came in at the Pet Value, just before I was heading out with an injured dog she picked up at the pound.  He was grabbed by another larger dog and shaken so had a few puncture wounds on his back.  I was already going to the vet’s to pick up Monty who stayed overnight after his surgery yesterday so off I went around 1:20pm to rush to the vet’s with our little Yodi.  We cleaned his wounds at the vet’s for the weekend and I am going to drop him off Monday at 7:30am for his dental cleaning and so that the vet can stitch a wound, his teeth are really bad and all brown.  They were closing at 2pm although Dr. Mobarak would have stayed to stitch his few small puncture wounds on his back but I decided to bring him back on Monday and get his much deserved dental cleaning done at the same time.  I prefer getting both done at the same time then having this 7-8 year old Yorkie mixed go in for 2 surgeries within weeks of each other.  He got his Rabies shots being that we weren’t sure if the dog who attacked him had his shots.  He is also on pain medications for the weekend, an injection immediately at the vet’s and to continue with Metacam at home.

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