Update at vet’s and other dogs

Went to pick up Wyatt and Winston at the vet’s tonight, they were really happy when they saw me and gladly jumped in the truck to get home. Wyatt will be on antibiotics for a week, he has the sniffles and is sneezing so we are trying to avoid infection. Sheenah is very, and I MEAN very happy about finally having regular canned food without it being watered down. She is a pig so if any of you have any canned dog food to donate, our big princess here eats almost a case a day! Can’t wait for her to be able to eat kibbles again and I am sure she is thinking the same thing!

Baby has recovered from her surgeries very well, she is still in my house but loves her time outside running around the farm mornings and evenings.

Wilma is doing OK with her eye surgery, it must be itchy as she is always trying to get at it and all you hear is her scratching at her cone which I have to stop otherwise she will eventually manage to get it off, scratch and hurt herself. She is still on antibiotics and will go to the vet’s next week for her final check-up!

Cocotte will be going to the vet’s next week to remove her pins in her lower jaw, her broken jaw has healed wonderfully and she is doing very well. She is actually capable of grabbing things with her mouth which is a very good sign.

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