Vet’s tonight – we’re in LOVE!

I brought Brody and Dark Knight to the vet’s, both for a check-up, Rabies & DA2PP and of course neuter for Brody!  What sweet dogs they are, not only am I in love with the three big boys we picked up this week but so were the girls at the vet clinic.  Brody is a Golden Retreiver mixed, such a sweet boy, very shy – enough so that he didn’t want to leave his cage this morning at the vet’s so the girls had to carry him in the back to prep him for surgery – sucky baby!  Dark Knight is a Collie mixed, black boy with white paws, such a gorgeous and friendly dog.  Both were quite scared when they arrived, given the few days here they are already better and loving NARC and their new mommy who is also very fond of them.  Tomorrow is Lachlan’s turn, going to the vet’s with him, he is an Akita, gorgeous babe and such a baby – was scared of walking into NARC with all the doggies barking at him – too funny!  Basically had to carry him in the house as he was that freaked out Ha! Ha!  He is better today, didn’t bring him at the vet’s right away as he was too scared yesterday after picking him up but it’s his turn tomorrow!

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