Vet’s today!

My new NARC mommy brought me to this place called “The vet’s”?  I am an approx 4-5 month old Hound puppy so I thought it would be such a nice and fun place to visit.  Of course, for my second car ride, I puked all over my new NARC mommy’s car AGAIN but she wasn’t mad although I was quite embarrassed by it…  We arrived and there was this HUGE doggy right there at the front entrance with his human and I wasn’t too sure what to do, I cowarded, took a step in and two steps backwards not too sure if this big dog would eat me alive or not!  Mommy said it was fine and laughed at me a bit so I felt a bit more confident when I saw that she wasn’t stressed by this bigger doggy!  I went to sniff him very slowly and saw that he couldn’t care less if I was there or not so it was fine to walk in completely!  Then they weighed me and I met 2 girls that work there, they brought me in this room and Mommy set me up on this table, I didn’t like my temperature taken much but still was pretty quiet about the whole deal.  Then the girl left, we had to wait quite a bit due to an emergency that just came in and mommy scratched my ear so here I am…

Vet3Vet4Vet5Vet7I was out cold at this vet’s place until this vet guy came in and woke me up…  He checked me, gave me three needles, I didn’t like the pain medication one in my back – that one made me jump but the other two weren’t so bad, they were called Rabies and DA2PP.  He also shaved a few spots on my body to check to see what I had – I heard mommy say to others that I was missing hair here and there and one spot was bumpy and bloody.  He said it was dermatitis and prescribed antibiotics for 10 days, the bloody spot is a cyst so the anitbiotics will help with that too.  So after this visit we went home and started the anitibiotics, mommy gives them in a peice of hot dog which I am enjoying very much!  They all said I was a very exceptional puppy, very laid back and calm and everyone seems to really like me here at NARC!

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