Vet’s Sat morning

Forgot to say that I went to the vet’s with Lachlan on saturday morning for his Rabies, DA2PP and check-up.  What a great boy, he was so calm and laid back with everyone there.  He was getting his belly scratched while lying on the floor near my feet and basically stayed put for his check-up, temperature taken, shots and everything.  What a wonderful dog – he is quite the big baby and really wants to be besides his human all the time.  He did manage to get out of his collar when I tied him in the back of the SUV but stayed in the back during my drive to the vet’s, then on our way back he wasn’t able to get out of the collar so chewed the leash right off so he was loose again in the SUV – little bugger!  So, we had to take extreme measures, he has a choke chain which I HATE and is now tied outside while we are there to bask in the sun as he does get out of our 4ft dog run to be by our side.  Yep, big baby who wants to be with his human!  He will be the perfect companion for someone who doesn’t mind a doggy following them to the bathroom, sitting by their feet all day and enjoying every minute of being with his human companion!  So, if you see a dog tied at NARC, then you know the reason – they do jump out of our 4ft fences to be with their humans!!!  Luckily for us, they aren’t runners lol and stay on the property to find us…  So now we have 4 of those sucky babies, Bailey, Cherry, Lachlan and Dark Knight – jeez!

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