Vet’s tonight & update

Lexi went for her shots and to get her stitches removed, vet was happy with the way she has healed and gave us thumbs up to place her in her loving home, after an overnight stay to see how she reacts to her shots that is…

Puppies are doing well, my little Lilac who was my sick boy is doing well, still not 100% good but definitely better. He gets so excited when I come get him, he loves his bottle and is eating very well, even eating some on his own which is amazing. He certainly is stronger and loves to bite my nose, chin or fingers and he has a strong grip for that so hurts little bugger lol. A few volunteers have had the pleasure of having their chin bit or fingers so know what I am talking about. I am so happy that he is coming around, still on antibiotics and giving him lots of vitamins, etc… but really do thing he will pull through. the scabs on his head may take a while to heal though but that is fine as I will be keeping him for at least a month before posting him for adoption.

His 2 siblings are available and so is Kanit, our German Sheppard mixed puppy! Come and meet them, they are too precious not to see! We are opened this weekend from 1pm to 3pm but soon closing for the holidays season so make it quick!

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