Update at the farm! Needs at NARC

We could still use plywood (even 2×2 peices are fine to build a base), 2×4’s (2′ long is good or longer), nails, wood screws, siding, shingles or anything else you have to help us build our dog houses this winter. We also need lots of styrofoam insulation and regular insulation. Regular insulation to finish the roof and styrofoam for under the mobile home to prevent the frost from rising and also tack onto the side walls to prevent heat loss. We also need styrofoam insulation, full sheets of plywood and commercial fencing for the new dog runs with and attached in and out home we are hoping to finish building by next spring! If you know of anyone wishing to donate their time to labor and help with these projects, also a need we have here at NARC! We are still working on finishing the soffits, job is started but still needs to be completed before we insulate! And of course, we still need people to finish the ceramic floors inside the mobile home – always a few projects on the go! We are closing between Christmas and New Years, would be the perfect time to do the entrace floor!

Lexi has left us last night, my three legged angel’s new family came to pick her up. They said it didn’t look like she has only 3 legs and they are right, she was running around the house like nothing happened!

Jonah has started another eye infection so he is back on drops a few times daily! Whicker’s allergic reaction to a wool shirt is healed and he is doing so much better, hair is growing on his back where it was raw and itchy due to the rash/allergic reaction. Daisy’s eyes aren’t as bad as when she arrived, she also had an allergic reaction before reaching us which we’ve fixed and she is looking great without red swollen eyes! Jonah and Magoo both got a groom early this week so both really look nice and Magoo smells very good after a much deserved bath lol!

My little Lilac, (our sick puppy) is getting better every day, he has strength now and is starting to walk around a bit more. He is still spoiled and had his doggy bed and warm blankets to snuggle into with the heater for more warmth. But he is a baby!

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