Updates at NARC

I have been nursing Lilac all weekend, every hour giving him his bottle of watered down dog food with a mix of vitamins (sometimes oregano & coconut oil). By Sunday, he was walking around, jumping on the crate door when he saw me and looking for food each time I would pick him up so overall, a very good sign. He is eating an ounce every hour or so of my mixes and started eating his developmental formula puppy food by himself every so often. His temperature is staying normal, the antibiotics prescribed for him are doing their job and he is feeling much better. I will keep giving him my mixture all week so he gets big and strong.

Why Lilac? Lilac’s are gorgeous flowers but you never know how long they will last and they are also very fragile… That name came to me for him while I was at the vet’s and yes, I know he’s a boy but Lilac just fit him!

I will call the vet today and book Lexi’s stitching removal and shots, she is doing very well, other than her Kennel Cough she is ready to go to her forever home this week!

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