Vet’s tonight

Picked up Coco and Tarzan, the poor boys were a bit groggy but very happy to see me and gave kisses when I got them out of the pen. Coco has a skin rash near his ear so is on antibiotics for a few weeks to heal that, Tarzan had a spot but the vet said to put a bit of cream and being it wasn’t as bad as Coco, he doens’t have antibiotics for it. They both went for a nice short walk when they arrived at NARC and are now in bed. They will be crated for the next few days while recovering, short walks only so that they don’t bust their stitches. They were good and weren’t licking so no cones for now but will keep watch to see how it goes in the next few days. I also brought Lilac back, they gave me more meds for his IV and by mouth. He ate tonight, not much but it’s a start back in the right direction. He isn’t as active as he was becoming last week but baby steps. He is so small and I worry a lot about him!

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