Lilac & others

So Lilac is eating, not much but he is eating which is a good sign, he loves the gel the vet gave him and licks that till his tube is done. Still doing IV with potassium to help him out, he is not drinking much but as the vet said, we are giving him IV so he isn’t thirsty! He is a bit stronger, walking around a bit but still very quiet and no longer as dehydrated! I am still worried but seeing him eat and wanting to eat to me is a very good sign.

Coco is doing well with his medications, hot dogs do the trick to give our doggies pills and he certainly likes his hotdogs. Both him and Tarzan and eating and drinking well and recovering easily and nicely!

Kanit went to school with our volunteer teacher yesterday and they find her amazing, she did a great job with everyone she has met and was loved by all.

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