Vetting tonight

I brought in Coco and Tarzan for their neuters and shots, will pick them up tomorrow after surgeries. Lilac came with me as I wanted him to be placed on IV which we weren’t able to do has his veins are too small. The vet’s will try again tomorrow when I come in, for now, he is still on IV under the skin to not only hydrate him but he had stopped eating today so wanted to make sure he got fluids due to give him strength. The vet also gave me two tubes of another type of fluid for him to ingest and so far so good, he’s gobbled down both although still won’t touch his food! Send your prayers for the little guy, he is a fighter but so small and young that even the vet wasn’t sure if he was going to make it! I know he is tough but his temperature hasn’t been normal since last Thursday, still at 32.5 tonight at the vet’s which is quite low especially for a puppy!

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