Vet’s tonight

I am leaving soon to drop off Canelle for her spay and dental cleaning, possibly extractions.  Gypsy is coming with me for a check up on her ear infection to see how she is coming along and hopefully new medications.  Also our beauty Sami is coming to get her/his nails and feathers clipped, usually something I do myself but being we are just in training, it is best if the “trainer” does not clip at the beginning.  See how good she/he is, letting me do pretty much anything I want, she/he is actually sleeping on my lap while I am giving her/him a body massage Ha! Ha! Ha!  Only got this bird Friday night!  She/he is pretty cool so the feather clipping is so that I can bring her/him outside with me while working at NARC on weekends, don’t like her/him being stuck inside alone all day and she needs to get used to different people!  Yeah, don’t know it’s sex, would have to DNA as the Goffin Cockatoo is one of the Cockatoo’s that you can’t tell by eyes or feathers!


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