Still not caught! DO NOT CHASE!

Most of you are aware that when Bijoux was dropped off another shih-tzu was with her and ran from the lady that had them and off she went on Navan Road.  We have been looking for this dog ever since.  At one point, due to people stopping on the road and chasing it to try and catch it, the dog ended up relocated to Smith Road and 10th Line Road.  It has been 2 weeks now that it has been living in our font yard.  At least there I know it is getting food and water every day, it keeps running between our property  and my neighbours.   I didn’t blog it being that we DO NOT want anyone coming over trying to catch it and scare it to another location again where it may not be safe.  Someone lent us a dog trap but it is for larger dogs and way to big for this dog, we do trap it but it manages to get out from the bottom right corner by pushing it’s way out after eating.  Very smart little dog!  We need a smaller sized trap, shih-tzu size so we can finally get this dog in at NARC, so I can have the peace of mind that it is not running wild and may possibly get hit by a car… to also stop the driver by’s to try and catch it and run after it to scare the hell out of it again… or stop all the calls thinking it is one of our dogs loose on Navan Road…  YES, we know there is a dog loose and are trying our best to catch it – NO it is not a NARC dog but we surely will accept it as a NARC dog the moment we can find a trap that it can’t actually get out of!!  This little dog has been out there for over 5 weeks now, let’s find a small trap and get it into our home!

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