Great weekend!

The puppies are all promised except 1 so if you are looking for an Alaskan Puppy mixed you better make it at NARC at 1pm next saturday as we only have 1 left for adoption!  The pups are all still at NARC until next weekend where they will then move in with their new adoptive families!  Quite a few smiling faces were leaving us this weekend, a few were leaving backwards hoping we would release the puppies this weekend…  Many picked up their auction items, few gifts are left to pick up and we are already starting to put items together for a future on-line auction hopefully coming up in the next month or so!  At the vet’s this week with our new dog Canelle for her spay and dental cleaning, she is 7 years old and a very sweet Shih-Tzu.  Also bringing Gypsy our new 8 year old Schnauzer for a check-up and more products for her ear infection.

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