Vet’s this week – New dogs arriving

Brought Scooby and Alis at the vet’s last night for their neuter/spay and Scooby for his DA2PP and Rabies.  The surgeries are done already this morning and they are recovering for the day at the vet’s.  Will pick them up later tonight and bring them home.  Some of you may remember our little Alis from when she was placed as a puppy at NARC, she came back for her spay and is definitely not little any longer Ha! Ha!

We also have our three little dogs arriving by airplane tonight at 7:30pm.  Molly – you may have seen her rescue video on facebook, Ricky and Foxy the chihuahuas.  They have been living in NARC foster homes in BC the last week awaiting their flight to Ottawa and have done extremely well.  Fosters said they were clean in the home, sweet personalities and great on walks.  These three are available now for adoption so feel free to come and meet them this weekend, we are opened from 1pm to 3pm.  Spay/Neuter, rabies have all been done during their travel to NARC.  They have travelled a long way in the last few weeks from LA to BC with road transports, now BC to Ottawa by air.  They are actually being brought to the airport now – 11:30am and on their way to the Vancouver Airport!  Quite the challenge but it was fun to get everything organized in getting them home.

Thanks Caroline for all your hard work in organizing and going to pick them up in the US; Monika for driving a great distance to pick up Molly and bring her to the kennel; Dora for picking up Ricky and Foxy from the pound and driving them to the kennel and of course Tamara for organizing the transport for all three to finally get them close so we could cross to Canada!  All in all, we made a great team, few issues on the way but we worked it all out.  Now it’s time for Mommy Michelle to step in and do some puppy loving while they get adopted lol.

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