Another Success Story!

I wanted to write Navan Animal Rescue to thank them for introducing our family to Oreo.  When we met Oreo at the rescue centre we were told he had a heart condition that would only allow him to live for a couple of years.  We knew he was the dog for our family and we decided to see him through his difficult times ahead.  As it turned out, at Oreo’s first veterinary check up, he was misdiagnosed with the heart condition and was a perfectly healthy puppy!  We were overjoyed!  Oreo has become a big part of our family over the years.  He has become a therapeutic dog with the Pet Access League Society in Calgary, AB.  His amazing ability to help those in need is truly wonderful to witness.  Oreo also joins me at work in the field of disability services; Oreo’s skill as a therapeutic dog helps many of my clients relax during stressful times.  I thought it was important for the volunteers at Navan Animal Rescue to know the kind of ripple effect saving one dog’s life has had.  Sincerely, Julia.
Stanghetta, Julia & Oreo
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