All is well at NARC!

Ricky, Foxy and Molly have adapted very well to their new home, they are very sweet and lovable – they certainly got used to the baby bed very quickly Ha! Ha!  Foxy and Molly prefer I go outside with them from the back door, they actually wait inside until I step out before then following me which is cute!  And then we have Scooby, I really love this dog – can’t get enough puppy loving from him.  His paw is getting better, he did sprain it on Thrusday just before his vet appointment so of course on Friday it was all swollen but it was better by Saturday.  He is now able to put some pressure on it and run around the house.  He is a very good dog, someone will be very lucky to have him!

We still need dog food, preferably the small kibbled Beneful which is what the Chihuahuas are on now mixed with canned goods.  We are opened sat and sun between 1pm and 3pm – come meet our lovely dogs as they certainly won’t last long!

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