Vet’s this week!

The farrier came last night, every 3 months he comes to trim the horses hooves but for some reason Mo was acting up, he was really un-impressed with have his hooves trimmed and really is strong for such a small thing – I had to tie him to the fence not to get stampeded, but we managed to get him done! He is so sweet usually, had never seen him so freaked!! Anyhoo, a little update while I am typing. Going to drop off Rex, Lois and Bathilda at the vet’s tonight, they will have their neuter/spay, DA2PP, Rabies and check-up tomorrow morning and then will bring them back to NARC for recovery tomorrow night for the week. Lois also needs a dental cleaning, possible extractions and a lump removed! Lucky Rex and Lois, both seem to have a home lined up and we are sure Bathilda and Nyleina will be going quickly, they are way too nice to stay at the rescue! Bathilda already has quite a few people that met her which are possible adoptions this weekend – we will see! Then on Friday I am bringing the remainder 4 Nyleina puppies for their 2nd DA2PP shot and Rabies and also Bathilda’s 3 remaining pups for their 2nd DA2PP, they already got their Rabies last time we went! Will keep you posted on how the surgeries go and how all the babies are!

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