Thank you everyone!

Although I know for sure that we need more puppy milk, I wanted to send a special thanks to NARC donors and clients who came by this weekend with 6 cans of milk and a gift card to be able to buy another 4 large cans at Petsmart and of course dog and puppy food, javex, etc.. The porkers are now drinking a can and a half a day!!! From last week drinking 5 oz per meal to now a whole baby bottle full at each meal (every 4 hours)!!! But, as some of you have seen this weekend, they are growing, have more than doubled and are just so adorable. I’ve taken a few videos which I will upload shortly so you can see their beautiful faces. They are smart, already going on the paper for pee and poop after drinking – YIPEE! They are turning 3 weeks old tomorrow, born July 29th and already learning! Thank you so much, sending you all kisses and hugs from all the doggies here at our wonderful zoo Ha! Ha!

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