Update at the farm!

Well, I dropped off Lois, Rex and Bathilda at the vet’s last night. Am picking them up after work and bringing them home for recovery. Wednesday, Koby is going to the vet’s to remove his stitches and our new Pug mixed Japanese Chin named Harley is going to the vet’s for his check-up, rabies and DA2PP. Harley is very cute and we are quite sure he will find a home quickly! Now, for my babies, have to talk about them as I am in LOVE!! They are so adorable, it is making me walk backwards into work every morning, having to leave them behind the whole day to be cared and fed by someone else – mommy is a bit jealous and wants them all to herself Hee! Hee! They are just too cute for words, now are paper trained when they finish their meal, I wet their bum and pee areas, set them on the floor and off they go sniffing for the paper and doing their business on the paper. Then, they come running back to snuggle with their new mommy, crawl back on my lap and usually fall right asleep but lately, few days now, they have started playing with my free fingers, licking my arms and toes, growling and biting in a playfull manner – way too cute for words. Thank you so much again for all the donated milk, it is making them big and strong and although now they are almost at 2 cans a day – they are worth every penny! I forgot how much I love motherhood Ha! Ha! Ha!

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