Vet’s this week

I dropped off Oreo and Piper for their spays and shots last night, this morning I called the vet to let him know that I am worried about Ladybug and want to bring her for a few days on IV again tonight. She is still not eating, she was fine this weekend and wasn’t vomitting any longer but last night she was sick again so want to see if there are any more tests we can do for her. We already did blood work and fecal tests which came out as being a food disorder but… wondering if it is something worst being that she turns her nose to everything, even hot dogs. I usually get them with the hot dogs but not her, she gags even to the smell of food!!

Tomorrow, we are back at the vet’s with the 6 puppies that are left from Sephora and Brooklyn’s litter for their last DA2PP.

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