Vet’s again

I picked up Piper and Oreo last night, they are fine and other than being a bit tired, they are young and will recover quickly! I left Ladybug with them, she was placed on IV fluids again and another full blood panel taken, not sure what else to do at this point, will be doing a coccidia/giardia test also and hope that the vet finally finds something so we can help her!

Vincent came and helped with renovations last night, he pulled the old flooring out from the hallway and bathing area and installed the plywood, ready for tilling. Seems like all of the flooring will be done before summer after all! This is great timing being that I am picking up the fence panels this saturday in hopes to start installing them very shortly – first, have to figure out each room and what I will be building in them!

Tonight, at the vet’s again with the 6 remainder puppies from Sephora and Brooklyn’s litters and see how Ladybug is doing!

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