On-line auctions

Many of you have noticed that we did a few on-line auctions through Facebook the last few months. And yes, as per requests, we will figure out a way to hold the next auction on our website, end of April. We are also accepting donations for the upcoming auction. The Valentine’s day auction has raised $278.00 which was used for veterinary care. The auction that closed last week raised $1,721.00 which is slowly being collected. So far, 1,000.00 has been collected this weekend and, as they say, in one pocket, out the other as I have already spent it this morning on inside run material. Had a great deal for 32 4×8 wire mesh panels and posts so I drove the hour this morning to the warehouse and bought the lot. The balance, once collected will be used for vet care, paying our weekly veterinary invoices. No more crates will be happening sooner than later, yipee! I will be going next sat morning with my father’s truck to pick up the panels and bring them home. Can’t wait to start installing them and removing all the crates, also giving our babies nice large runs to play in! Thank you everyone for either your donations to help make this happen and of course to the big spenders who helped by raising funds. We wouldn’t have our mesh material if it is wasn’t for all of your help, and of course our wonderful volunteers who have worked hard on this for NARC. Big thank you hugs and kisses from all of our babies!!

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