Vet’s last night & update

Well, cost us an arm and a leg… Bathilda had a hernia to remove, spay, rabies, DA2PP & vet check. Rex was the lucky one with only his neuter, rabies, DA2PP & vet check. Lois was the worst, 2 lumps removed, dental cleaning with 4 extractions, spay, rabies, DA2PP & vet check. Poor Lois, she was looking good though but must hurt! Going with Koby tonight to remove his stitches, Harley for his Rabies, DA2PP and vet check and we should be receiving 5 black labrador puppies this afternoon, just weaned and eating so will see if the vet can take us to give them their first DA2PP tonight!! Better safe than sorry, pounds/SPCA’s/Humane Societies do carry parvo and we don’t want that coming into NARC so the sooner we can get them inoculated – the better!!

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