Vet’s last night

So we picked up the 5 puppies at the pound, they aren’t labs as the pound said, they are black mouth cur mixed maybe rottie. 4 females, 1 male, 3 look exactly like the black mouth cur and 2 are all black with brown markings. I am sure the volunteers already posted pictures on our facebook if you want to have a look, find NARC or Michelle Mayer and you will see them on facebook. We brought them immediately to the vet’s for their first DA2PP and check-up, will deworm them tonight and already gave them their first multi-advantage last night. Although not sure what the vet papers say as they didn’t have “black mouth cur” in their system, probably says Rottie mixed. Koby had his stitches removed, he was such a good boy, stayed still which I am sure is very hard when you have tools coming right for your eye to remove stitches there… Such a good dog and listens so well! And Harley, our pug mixed japanese chin got his Rabies and DA2PP so is now up for adoption. He reminds me so much of Wilma, same look and face as hers with the wiry mustache, just too cute. He doesn’t seem to like his face and head touched much, wouldn’t let the vet check his teeth but already trusts me so I opened him mouth so our vet could have a look inside! We also bathed all the new puppies last night as they were stinky so now they are clean and starting their new life with us until they find their homes – which I think will be quick as they are too cute and adorable! Koby decided to get out of his run late last night and although did go for a run on the front of the property, came back when I walked to the truck, keys in hand. He really loves car rides so jumps right in although I didn’t take him for a ride again, brought him inside and gave him treats for being such a good boy and returning by my side instead of bolting! Was hard to see him, he is black and it was quite dark so was worried there for a bit, until he ran to the truck!! Now we know the trick to getting him back, just open a car door Ha! Ha! Ha!

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