Vet’s last night

Brought Boris, Blue and Lilac to the vet’s last night for their second check-up and DA2PP shot. If a few weeks it will be time for their 3rd booster!

Next week, will bring the 18 puppies back to the vet’s for their second check-up and DA2PP booster, yes I know it has only been 2 weeks since their last shot but always best to have it done sooner than later. Give their immune system a huge boost against parvo which is deadly! Better safe than sorry.

There are a lot of Parvo cases this year and we’ve only started the year! Last year, 2012, more parvo cases than I had ever heard/seen before! People bringing in parvo puppies at different vets, SPCA parvo outbreaks from Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Gatineau, Aylmer, etc… So be careful with your new puppy, don’t let him wander around at vet clinics, petstores, outside on walking paths until they have received their 3rd booster. Yes, they can get parvo after their first DA2PP and even again after a second DA2PP so be wary! I know I’ve been a pain, discussing Parvo a lot lately but I go to the vet’s very often, different vet’s and clinics, and lately, it seems that is all I hear about or see, poor puppy on IV having spent the week at the vet’s. If they are lucky, they will make it but it is a 50/50 chance!

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