New doggy arriving tonight

The pound called so I will be picking up another dog from them after work, she will then be booked next Monday for her spay, shots, check-up, etc… Brooklyn and Sephora will also soon be dry and ready for their spays. Brooklyn is in a foster home and doing very well, Sephora is still with us at NARC, such a sweet girl! We’ve re-arranged NARC again, yep, always changing things around, making things easier for our volunteers. We’ve given Baldwin the Sunroom with Sephora’s puppies so that if he busts out of his crate again, he can’t bother the other doggies and will be in a fenced in area! On saturday morning, we walked in at NARC to find Baldwin loose, few messes here and there and we had to throw out Tarzan’s cage as he had tried to get loose himself and completely ruined the front of his crate. We had to pry it open with a hammer! We’ve moved Coco and Tarzan in the back room with Cyan, Blue and Boris to give their room to Sephora’s puppies so that all of the pups are at the front of the house. This will also help Coco and Tarzan, they will remain calmer back there alone, they would get over excited when clients came for visits with their doggies or if we had doggies loose at play!

Needless to say, if you have strong large/medium metal crates to donate, we surely would take them!

With all the changes, moving everyone around, javexing and cleaning, we haven’t had time to paint this weekend although we’ve received many gallons of colored paint so think we have plenty to finish the NARC home!? Thanks everyone for your donations and support – I can always count on you to get our tasks done!

Few doggies have left us this weekend, into their loving homes and that included our little Lilac. Although we were very happy for him, we also felt sad he was leaving!! He’s been through so much and we’ve all gotten so attached, he is in great hands though and they have already e-mailed saying he is a sweet dog and that they are in love!

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