“Pet of the week”, sent in by our client!

Hi, this is our familie’s submition of “Pet of the Week”. This little puppy has added loads of joy to our family. Our previous little dog, Cujo, was hit by a car last summer and his departure has left a big hole in our family. Lexi-Rose has since being with us, filled that hole and more. We love her dearly and we think that she should be the next Pet of the Week.

“Hi my name is Lexi-Rose and I’m an Affenpinsher, so they say. I’m a rescue dog that was left on the door steps of the Navan Animal Rescue Centre (NARC). The NARC owner, Michelle, quickly realized that something was wrong with me when she saw me walking only on one hind leg. I was quickly taken to the local animal hospital in Blackburn where it was determined through an X-Ray that my right hind leg had been broken before and it had not mended and that it was no longer fixable. It was decided at that point that an amputation of that hind leg would be the best course of action for my over health and well being.

A couple weeks after my operation, I was adopted by a very nice family who had lost their little dog called “Cujo’ late last summer. They were in need of a new puppy for their family and they picked me, me out of all the other dogs at NARC. I have recovered well from my operation and love my new home. I am treated like a princess and I’m loved by all who have since seen me at my new home. My new family members are motorcycle enthusiasts and can wait to go ride along with them!

Thanks NARC for not giving up on me. You took me under your wing and thanks to you; I’m living a happy life with my new family!”

Dan Beaudoin, Orleans, ON

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