Vet Update

I checked up on Oscar today when I picked up the others, he was up, tail wagging at me and now eating which is great but I left him for another day on IV to make him stronger.  Will go again tomorrow to see how he is doing and if he is coming back to NARC with his antibiotics.  This boy was on Baytrill for a whole week last week but it didn’t seem to be helping much so we are trying stronger meds throuogh IV – so far so good and he is responding well…

Buddha had his neuter today with Rabies and DA2PP shots.  Our vet called this morning to ask if he could do a dental, said he would need it with an extraction so we went forward with that.  He had 1 tooth removed so now he is on clinacin for a week to help him not get an infection in his mouth after his dental cleaning and extraction.

Sheeba, our little Miniature Pincher also had his neuter and Rabies shot, he is on Clavamox for a week to help with his healing and Kennel Cough.

Carlos our 6 month old Springer Spaniel has been neutered today, he also is going to be on antibiotics for a week to help him heal.

And last but not least, I left Domingo at the vet’s for his neuter tomorrow with shots.

AND of course fought with Baltazore to get his drops in his eyes and gave everyone their antibiotics such as Cocotte, Inka, Clementine and now our 3 boys, Carlos, Buddha and Sheeba!  Thank god for HOT DOGS!

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