Vetting Update

Picked up Domingo from the vet’s after his neuter last night, he’s doing well but I wanted to talk more about Oscar.  After a few days at the vet’s on IV and stronger antibiotics, he is now feeling much better and eating like a pig as he used to.  We are keeping him on the medications for at least 10 days with a follow up later next week at the vet’s to see how things are going.  Hopefully by then, he will have gained a few much deserved pounds, he came in so skinny it is incredible what people do to their dogs…  Then, if he is well and strong enough after the 10 days of meds, he will undergo his surgeries including dental cleaning!

Inka is ready to be spayed and get that huge hernia removed, if she is feeling as good next week – such as she is this week, she is going back to the vet’s next Wednesday to have her 2 surgeries done, will keep her at my house for her recovery then find her a loving forever home.

Cocotte is also doing very well, has more spunk and is running around at the farm!  She is eating very well, gaining the much needed weight and is ready for adoption as long as that adoptive family brings her back to our vet’s in 1.5 months to remove the metal pins they placed in her lower jaw!  She too is living with me so house trained and used to being in a home!

As for Baltazore, well I think we can all agree that we are all very anxiously waiting for the day that the vet says he can stop his eye drops Ha! Ha!  I have a family lined up for him but won’t release him until I get the thumbs up from my vet and of course it certainly wouldn’t be fair to his new family if I were to hand him over when I know he gives us a hard time for his eye drops!  He is such a great boy though, such a lovely giant who loves to be loved and listens quite well – EXCEPT the moment he sees the drop almost hit his eye Ha! Ha!

Buddha, Carlos, Clementine, Sheeba are so easy to pill in the morning and night – hot dogs are great for that – gobble gobble everyone…

We will be needing more Medical Urinary canned and bagged food for Clementine if anyone wishes to make a donation of that kind…  We also need paper towels and cleaning products (Husky or Mr. Clean), we are almost running out!

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