Well, I should have called Baltzore either Bronco or Rodeo Ha! Ha! We had an appointment at the vet’s tonight as a follow up to his eye surgery.  He just wouldn’t have it – Baltazore just didn’t want the vets to play with his eye – there was no question about it and he certainly didn’t want his dye test – OH NO! Well, needless to say we had to sedate him and even then, he fought that very hard and we still argued with him – 4 of us, while I’m sitting on him and he still managed to move his head around and give us an hour of hard time! Boy oh Boy – we finally managed but I asked our vet if there was anything to help with his itchiness so they gave him an injection so hopefully tomorrow, every 2 hours, when I have to put drop in his eyes… he will behave?? Hee! Hee! Annie will be stuck doing this during the day, I will do my morning runs before work as usual then she takes over till I get home and I will do the evening and night shift – wish us luck! He did manage to finally kind of fall asleep – in the car on the way home BUGGER! But then woke up suddently the moment I stopped the car and was tail wagging when he saw the NARC mobile home…

We left Oscar at the vet’s after his check-up, we placed him on IV and strong medications through IV.  Although he was on Baytrill all week, he stopped eating today so I got worried and brough him over to see what we could do to help him.

I also left Buddha, Carlos and Sheeba for their neuter and shots tomorrow!

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