Vet Emergency Operation

Last night, I brought a few dogs at the vet’s for check-ups in hopes of having them spayed or neutered today and bring them home safe and sound – as I do every week for over 5 years now! Ryder our little Pug we just took on Sunday is a bit too sick and dehydrated so we left him at the vet’s on IV today. We will see how he is doing tomorrow.

Doogie was the first to get a clean bill of health and his neuter today which was good but then came Sheenah…our great dane! Somehow, god knows how, while under for her spay, she managed to chew the tube and swallow it, so quickly that they weren’t able to stop it in time so she had to be operated on to get the tube out – open her esophagus and remove the part she swollowed.

It isn’t the first time our dogs play tricks on our vets and me! Twiggy, when she went to get re-stitched after re-opening her spay surgery, they were slowly waking her up as they always do with any dog brought in for surgery – yet, she woke up instantly, jumped off the table and ran for the door… Thank god nothing was attached to her when she did!

Then there are others like Baltazore whom we brought for another eye test and he just wouldn’t let anyone touch him so we decided to put him to sleep for a little while so we could do his dye test. Well, mister didn’t want to sleep and fought through the medications and stayed up, groogy but up – until he got home and was comfortable enough to start snoring that is. We still managed to do the test but not as well as we would have liked and of course it took over an hour for the whole process for a 5 minute test!!!

Needless to say, Buttercup’s dental cleaning with extractions and spay wasn’t done today due to the last minute emergency surgery so we left her there again tonight so she can be done tomorrow. All three are sleeping at the vet’s, Sheenah for the week on IV, Ryder for a few days for dehydration and Buttercup only tonight for tomorrow’s surgery!

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